So, how did Mr. A and friends, spend their ‘Thanksgiving’?

Yesterday we were intending to start our day with an 8am ‘Turkey Burnoff’ aerobics class at the gym, but because of having had our medical exam for our Green Card application on Wednesday, which included compulsory shots for ‘flu, pneumonia and tetanus, our arm muscles were so sore, that we decided to rather go for a walk in the Green Cay Wetlands which is just down the road. Many people had got the same idea, and the serious bird watchers were out in force equipped with humongous zoom lenses which any National Geographic photographer would be proud of.


Of course we were curious to know what all the excitement was about, and saw, way in the distance, a red-shouldered hawk, who seemed to be enjoying all the attention..


Our little Nikon zoom didn’t get such a great image, but last year, we were privileged to see a pair of these gorgeous birds up close, and they posed so nicely too.


Not nearly as rare or popular with the photographers, were the hoards of ducks who have arrived in Florida for the winter.


A little further on, we spied Mr A, sleeping his Thanksgiving Day away in the reeds.


He did have a contented smile on his face, so maybe he was having thankful daydreams.


A Wood Stork was keeping lookout from the top of a dead tree.


Mr Anhinga was also enjoying the morning sun from his favourite perch.


A pair of female Mottled Ducks were having a quiet snooze in the shade of the bridge,


as a Painted Turtle made it’s ponderous way through the reeds.


I was thrilled to see that Leo the Lion was still lurking along the boardwalk. I always look out for him, and say “Hi.”


The afternoon and evening were spent with good friends, shrimp starters, plenteous wine, delicious turkey dinner, followed by four different desserts, not least of which was my decadent chocolate pie, which went down very well.


I hope that your Thanksgiving was equally wonderful. Have a great weekend.








73 comments on “So, how did Mr. A and friends, spend their ‘Thanksgiving’?

  1. This post is a feast in every sense of the word Sylvia! Love all your pics of your sweet animal friends…some more fierce than others…and adore Leo the Lion, what a treasure, no wonder you look out for him! Hope your Green Card application process isn’t too ‘sore’ and goes through smoothly… πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Well by now all the Thanksgiving banquets will be a memory I guess πŸ™‚
    Looks like you enjoyed yours to the full Sylvia !
    Such lovely bird captures ..

  3. Such a great way to spend the day. Far better than fighting the mobs at the stores. Such lovely pictures. You are getting quite good at the bird shots and even identifying them! It must be wonderful to be surrounded by such variety.

  4. Sounds like a joyful celebration, Ad. I like a nice ‘no calorie’ cake πŸ™‚
    And your bird shots are beautiful! I can feel the warmth (definitely NOT jealous). What an extraordinary looking turtle! Looks like he needed a hand. Leo- still smiling at that πŸ™‚

    • Poor Leo, he does look a bit squished with people having walked over his face so often. 😦 I think there should be a “Please don’t tread on the lion” sign there. My ‘no calorie’ dessert is beckoning me from the fridge, but I will resist the urge until teatime.

  5. Sylivia, Mr. A looks like he’s swallowed a full Thanksgiving bird….or twol! Love the shot of the mottled ducks from above. Wicked of you to tease us with that stunning pie πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Marcy. The lion’s face is actually in the boardwalk. The knots in the wood make the face. I’m sure other people walking past, wonder what’s so interesting down there that it warrants a photo. πŸ™‚

      • I couldn’t go back and correct ‘tree’ in my original comment, replacing it for what I re-thought was a fence. No matter, what the wood is, the design within is well-worth the photo. Sad for anyone who couldn’t envision the uniqueness of the board. Ah! —from the artist’s eye.

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