A Lakeside Wedding

So there I was rushing around with the vacuum cleaner, when happening to glance out of the window, I saw a most unusual sight. I haven’t seen any Wood Storks here so far this season, but right across the lake, was a pair of them, and they were obviously very much an item. He looked to be proclaiming his undying devotion to his lady friend.


She obviously returned his affection, and off they went to look for Father Ibis, who was conveniently only a little way along the bank. He kindly agreed to marry them right then and there. “Do you take Miss Wood Stork to be your lawful wedded bird?” he asked.Β  “I most surely do,” replied Mr. W S.


“Then, let us pray.”


“You may now kiss the bird……I mean bride.”


I hope they both live happily ever after.


60 comments on “A Lakeside Wedding

  1. Great photos! I was excepting a beautiful and real wedding from your title and your first paragraph. However, you made me LOL when I realized you were actually talking about the birds. It made my day and what a great way to start the weekend!! Happy Friday!! πŸ™‚

  2. laughing pretty good with this one – and super fun – the marriage story told while in domestic vacuuming mode adds some fun too. and Father Ibis – oh my gosh – so fun Sylvia πŸ™‚ ❀

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