‘Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow’ for WPC: ‘Gone But Not Forgotten’

Once upon a time, in the dim and distant past, hubby had hair, and lots of it.

Hubby in the early 1970's

Hubby in the early 1970’s

In fact, his sideburns could have given both Neil Diamond and Johnny Cash ‘a run for their money’.


We were a couple with quite a decent amount of hair.

Christmas 1973

Christmas 1973

Forty years on, much of the hair is gone, but thanks to those old photos, not entirely forgotten.


Hope you enjoyed my ‘throwback pics’.

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102 comments on “‘Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow’ for WPC: ‘Gone But Not Forgotten’

  1. what fun post – sorry I missed it last month! lol – and my hubby also once had hair – and in Jamaica he even had some braids covering his head at one time -but no max no max! lol
    and I liked the two of you sating in front of that tree – oh I love throwback pictures – so fun!

    have a great day S!

  2. It happens to us all, when i go for a haircut i`m tempted to have it all off the I wont have to worry about brushing it every day, and I would save on haircuts πŸ™‚

  3. Oh I must have missed this wonderful post Sylvia, I love it! Great take on the challenge…my hubby doesn’t have any hair left and I was thrilled to find some old photos of him from the 70s too πŸ™‚ Love your pics, you both are a gorgeous couple, then and now… xx

  4. Fabulous pictures, both past and present, Sylvia πŸ™‚
    My husband showed me a picture of him from the 70s, when he still had brown hair, in which he looks just like the actor David Hemmings (side burns included). I’ve only ever known him with white hair (he went grey at 30), albeit very thick hair that makes him look like an Old-English Sheepdog if he doesn’t get a regular trim!

  5. Almost every male in my family is/was bald,and it was a ‘given’ that I would lse my hair before I turned forty. Well, that date has come and gone and still have pretty much all my hair.
    One day, when I go back to ‘Blighty’ I must see if I can find a picture of our old milkman.

    You are a smashing couple, and these days, bald is the New Hair Fashion, of course.
    Yul Brynner would have laughed!

  6. 1st of all: you are a lovely couple… ❀ …
    2nd of all: what really matters is what the guy has under his hair… πŸ˜‰
    3rd of all: I love Neil Diamond & Johnny Cash… πŸ™‚

  7. Oh Sylvia you are hilarious! What did your husband think of this post? πŸ™‚ I so enjoyed seeing photos of you then and now. Both sets show a happy and beautiful couple.

  8. Sylvia, I just love this post! We were married in 1975 and Howard had a lot of hair and the long sideburns! Just this week he got a haircut, not much is left.

    We saw Neil Diamond in concert, I can’t remember what year. He had a lot of hair!

  9. Great take on the challenge Sylvia. And yes, 40 years later and you look hardly any different. Apart from the gone hair, your husband looks little different either. 1973? I was still at school! Only a couple of years into senior school. Is he wearing Sta-Press or whatever they were called?

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