Pets getting into the Christmas Spirit for the Sunday Stills Challenge

We no longer have any pets of our own, but there are lots of pets in our family. I just pinched these photos from my daughter’s Facebook page.

Whilst decorating the Christmas tree, everyone was having their photos taken, wearing festive headgear. This included both the dogs.

Here’s Toffee, looking very unimpressed about having to wear her Santa hat.


Vanilla looks slightly more into the Christmas spirit, though not much.


There was no sign of Ravioli the cat.Β  She probably decided that Christmas hats were not very dignified, and had conveniently disappeared. There was however, a really gorgeous reindeer right next to the angel on the Christmas tree.


To see more pets, just go to Ed’s Sunday Stills post here.


81 comments on “Pets getting into the Christmas Spirit for the Sunday Stills Challenge

  1. I think it is good trying to share the cheerful occasion with the pets too. You never know. I think they are happy anyway if you just be with them. I think you can be sure that the gorgeous reindeer there is very Happy.

  2. My dog has a soft toy reindeer from last Christmas that is one of her favourites and is still in one piece. I doubt she would keep a Santa hat on her head for more than a moment. Toffee looks like a very long-suffering pooch in that photo!

  3. I have friends that dress their doggies up every Christmas and every other holiday too. A picture is always on their Christmas card. They say the dogs love it. I wonder.
    Lovely reindeer. πŸ™‚

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