54 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Just in case the car breaks down.

  1. I have been a biker most of my life and think that is a good idea, they are easier to fix than a car and usually more reliable. I gave up bikes because of the other drivers, they don`t see bikes as the angle of view is too narrow, especially when you have never ridden a bike.

      • I think I was lucky to do most of my traveling around Africa in the 60`s when the roads and countries were relatively safe. My brother offered me his Harley when I went to see him in the UK earlier this year but the English roads scared me more than these. I can`t see me getting on a bike ever again πŸ™‚

  2. I think that maybe he will keep driving until he finds a nice open road without traffic, where he can park his 4×4 and take off on that wonderful 2-wheeled beast of his — or, of course, it might belong to a “she” and not a “he”.
    There’s a woman who repairs computers where I live, who roars around on a huge motorbike from one appointment to the next and then sends her husband with his van to collect anything that needs taking to the workshop for repair!

      • ha – never! (wink)
        and I also wanted to let you know that in that video I made, well this shows you how much I am thinking of my blog buddies these days – but about 12 of the photos I included reminded me of certain bloggers…
        and the Klimt one (tree of life) was added with you in mind – lol

  3. That’s neat. I’ve seen racks to carry bicycles before now.. I like this guy’s style. If the traffic gets too heavy, just whip the bike off the back and away you go. Nicely spotted Sylvia!

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