Sherlock’s Profile for the ‘Photo a Week’ challenge

This week, Nancy invites us to share a photo showing someone’s face in profile. Whilst visiting London earlier this year, we happened upon this instantly recognisable bronze statue of the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes, which stands outside Baker Street tube station.Β  In Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books, he is portrayed as a man with astute observation and finely tuned deductive reasoning, but very little in the way of people skills. I think his face in profile really shows his fictional personality to perfection.


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31 comments on “Sherlock’s Profile for the ‘Photo a Week’ challenge

  1. I have no idea why, but statues have always fascinated me. Your bronze beauty is no exception. The artist did a good job capturing Mr. Holmes. Who knew he was so tall? LOL. πŸ™‚

  2. nice capture -and I like the street people =oh and the red – the left pizza sign — the suitcase and then on the bus – it all frames Sherlock so well!!

    “Excellent! I cried. “Elementary,” said he.

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