Just a few random pics

It’s almost Christmas, and the weather here in Florida is so warm. I think the Santa on my piano must be very overheated in his gorgeous fur-trimmed outfit.


The Anhinga has taken to sitting up in the next door neighbour’s tree. Maybe he can spot the fish more easily from this vantage point.


Hubby is getting on well with the house renovations, and is absolutely thrilled with this contraption he found on the internet. It enables him to hoist the ceiling boards and put them in place, all by himself.


Our daughter in South Africa sent us these exquisite tulips for our anniversary. What a lovely surprise it was to find the box outside the front door.


Paula asked to see how my lighthouse painting is coming on. Not a lot of progress since the last time you saw it; just a few grasses, a tiny window and the rocks more built up. The teacher was too busy finishing off two of the others’ paintings for them, and showing them how to sign their names. I still have some clouds to put in and a few gulls, but have to wait until January 7th for the next class.


I’m taking this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Christmas holiday time and New Year. I’ll probably do a few posts in the next couple of weeks, but not every day as is my usual wont. Don’t eat too much, and have a very special time with family and friends. Hugs to you all.



90 comments on “Just a few random pics

      • I know! I remember last Christmas you said that, and we got to travel right along with you and meet all your family. So I’ll expect family updates this year – when you get obsessed!!! Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

      • We’re not with family this Christmas, Marsha. Our son is also doing huge house renovations on his new/old house, which have taken much longer than expected. The kitchen is nowhere near finished, so they are having to go to friends for Christmas dinner. We’ll go up maybe in April, when the weather is warmer. We’re having a relaxing time, and will be celebrating with friends here in Florida. It will be our first non-family Christmas ever. πŸ˜•

  1. πŸ™‚ Thank you for posting the unfinished painting Sylvia. I would not know it was unfinished πŸ˜€ It looks great as it is. Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!

    • Thanks so much, Laurie. Yes, hubby is absolutely thrilled with his new toy. It was a bit big to put under the tree, so Santa let him have it early. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for the Christmas wishes. You’re going to have a very exciting year ahead, with the new grand-babies. xx

  2. Wishing you an extra-special Florida Holiday Season! Looks like your hubby is making great progress at your new house-to-be! I bet it’s going to be astonishingly gorgeous when he’s done.

  3. Hi Sylvia,
    I didn’t know you were such a talented artist! Your lighthouse is lovely, and so are the tulips, and your wonderful series of photos that are a reminder to celebrate the days as well as the years. Merry Christmas!

  4. Love your random selection of pictures, Sylvia. Love your Santa! I can’t imagine all the work you all are doing on your house. I adore your lighthouse painting. You are so very talented! Kind of hard to get that Christmas spirit when it’s supposed to be 80 degrees tomorrow! πŸ˜› Sending Merry Christmas wishes to you and yours and hope you have a safe and Happy New Year.

  5. Your Santa is a bit overdressed for this week’s weather . . . but it should be 10 degrees cooler on Christmas Day.

    Those tulips are gorgeous and your Light House is looking good!

    Hope you have a warm and wonderful time this week. Ho~Ho~Ho.

  6. What great progress on all fronts Sylvia πŸ˜‰ All is looking very promising indeed .
    Wishing you and hubby a very Happy Christmas .. lots of fun to be enjoyed by you both I’m sure over the festive holidays xxx

  7. I think I have that same Santa! I have lots of Santas, but am sure that one is like mine. I never see an Anhinga. They are really interesting birds. Your painting is beautiful. I have not painted in a while, so maybe you gave me some incentive. Have a wonderful Christmas. I will be missing the snow here in PA (lots of rain to come). Even in Niagara Falls there was no snow. It will be 57Β° on Wed. in PA and 53Β° in Niagara Falls.

  8. A few random thoughts on your few random pictures. Looks like you won’t be spending Christmas in your new house. Hope you informed Santa.
    Those tulips are beautiful and I wish I could paint.

    • Oh, not a chance, Esther. I’m hoping that we could be in the new house by next Christmas. Hubby won’t be rushed. He does everything very carefully and in his own good time. πŸ™‚ I used to wish I could paint, but I thought it was an impossibility, so I never tried after a teacher ridiculed my efforts at school. My dad always used to say, “There’s no such thing as ‘can’t’.” I think he was right. xx

      • There is an economic phrase called ‘opportunity cost’. Meaning you have to choose between several alternatives given limited resources.
        I am sure I could paint too. πŸ™‚ I have to choose food and shelter over painting lessons. LOL

  9. Having plasterboarded many a ceiling Sylvia I am deeply in awe of that contraption. How much easier the job would have been if my brother and I had had one of those rather than balancing these very heavy boards on our heads, hammer and nails at the ready to start banging nails in like crazy to take the weight off our arms when the board was finally in place. And of course after four or five of these in a big room.. πŸ™‚
    The lighthouse is progressing brilliantly and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished painting.
    Have a fabulous Christmas Sylvia! My best to hubby! πŸ™‚

    • Yes, that hoist is a really magic invention. I can also remember our son and myself standing for what seemed like an eternity, holding up plaster board in one of our Johannesburg houses, pleading with hubby to get a move on with the hammer and nails. Thanks so much for the Christmas wishes,and also the praise for my lighthouse. πŸ™‚

  10. You have to admit, that is a mix-matched group of photos if I ever saw one.

    Here’s wishing you and yours an absolutely fabulous Christmas, and a very, very happy 2015, Sylvia.

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