Floral Friday Fotos: Prelude to a Christmas Feast

I hope you all had as wonderful a Christmas Day feast as I had.


The buffet tables were laden with every delicious food one could possibly think of. There was excellent live piano and saxophone music, playing everything from Chopin, to the Blues and very lively Rock ‘n’ Roll, with even a few Christmas melodies thrown into the mix. People were dancing in the aisles and there was such a happy vibe. That was only lunch, and in the evening, we went to visit more friends for another party and yet more food and drink. There were ten desserts on offer, and this morning it’s off to the gym, for tonight we have an ‘Italian Evening’ dinner, which also promises to be quite calorific. Who was it who said, “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we diet?” πŸ˜•


59 comments on “Floral Friday Fotos: Prelude to a Christmas Feast

  1. Dancing, eating … there, you’re getting your exercise, Sylvia. Ten desserts on offer — what heaven! Knowing me, I’d try a spoonful of each dessert and then go back for seconds of my favourite one. It always pleased me at boarding school that so many of the older girls were on diets, which meant that I got 2nd and 3rd helpings of pudding every day!

  2. I’m so impressed you have detailed a session at the gym in the centre of all that decadence Sylvia. I am, quietly, thinking of joining the gym, again, next week to try and get in trim for end of March and the cruise as I’m thinking it will be eat, drink and be merry for 14 days!!!!!!

  3. Eat drink and be merry, then tomorrow we diet, huh? I think I’m going to have to diet the entire month of January to make up for the Christmas goodies.

    Here’s hoping your New Year is as good as your Christmas has been. πŸ™‚

  4. My scales this morning revealed a number in the RED DANGER ZONE . . . I have to dial back on the treats and step up the exercise a bit. HO~HO~OH~NO!

    Your day sounds FAB as do your plans for tonight. Our nieces are coming today. Yay!

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