A Familiar Rural Scene in Africa, for the WPC ‘Yellow’

Seen on the road home from ‘The Palace of the Lost City’ resort, to our then home in Johannesburg. The dry, yellow grass, was still waiting for the summer rainfall, to turn the countryside green once more.


(Limpopo is one of South Africa’s rural provinces, where the use of donkey carts remains a means of transportation and income for villagers. Both goods and people, including schoolchildren, are carried on these carts.)

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A fabulous anniversary meal and a Christmas walk.

Our Anniversary was celebrated at the historic Sundy House restaurant in Delray. This Queen Anne style house was built in 1902 by the first mayor of Delray, and is set in a tranquil botanic garden with pools and waterfall features. We were seated out on the terrace opposite one of the  Savannah style gazebos, overlooking the ‘Cenote’, a natural freshwater, living pool. It was the perfect romantic setting for our evening out.


The menu was really tempting, and we both decided to have three courses. My crispy calamari appetiser was scrumptious, and hubby loved his butternut stuffed ravioli.

My main’s choice was Cioppino, which consisted of split Maine lobster tail, shrimp, PEI mussels, littleneck clams, roasted fennel, spicy tomato broth and grilled sourdough.


Hubby’s rack of lamb was really tender, and there was plenty of it.


I know that most of you are not at all interested in delicious desserts, but just in case one or two of you might be, here’s my Key Lime pie.


Hubby’s Creme Brulee looked to die for. It was quite small, so I didn’t beg any, but I did let him have a taste of mine. That’s true love for you. 🙂


After our meal, we decided to go into the town to see the Christmas lights. Imagine my amazement when, walking out of the restaurant, I saw hubby’s surprise anniversary present to me; a tangerine coloured Lamborghini! It might sound ungrateful of me, but I would have preferred it in silver, so I’m afraid it has to go back. It was a nice thought though.  🙂


The Christmas tree in the town square was the same as last year and the year before, but still very beautiful.


You can walk right inside it to see the Christmas displays.


(Click on any image in the gallery, for a better view.)

Looking up from inside the tree, this is what you see; a myriad multi-coloured stars.


Outside, was a beautiful nativity scene.


I couldn’t leave without a Santa pic, could I? Doesn’t he have a jolly face?


I had such a sublime evening with the love of my life. Here’s to another great year together.

Wishing you all a superb weekend. You have less than six days left to do your Christmas shopping.




That which was, still is.

“There is no remedy for love, but to love more.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

I can hardly believe that today is our 48th wedding anniversary. I wonder if in the next two years, we’ll morph into one of those traditional ‘sweet old couples’ that I’ve often seen  in our local newspaper, celebrating their Golden Wedding?


So many years have passed since we said “I do.” So much water has flowed under the bridge, and yet it’s hard to believe that we’re both forty-eight years older than we were on that cold and snowy December day in England. Now, with a wonderful grown-up daughter and son, and five precious grandchildren, we’re still the same two people, still happily in love, and hopefully with many more years to look forward to together. When we married, we had virtually no worldly possessions, as hubby had just graduated from university. Most of our ‘stuff’ was donated by kind relatives who saw our marriage as a great excuse to turn out their drawers and cupboards and off-load unwanted kitchen utensils, bed linen, towels, and ornaments. We were of course very grateful and soon managed to buy our own little house in a small English village, where we lived until we emigrated to South Africa in 1970. One of the most useful donated items, was Auntie Doris’s old Sheffield steel kitchen knife, of probably 1930’s vintage. It’s packed up with all our other belongings in South Africa, and just looking at the picture here, fills me with longing for it.


I well remember her happily donating this really old, and certainly very well used item, and  asking myself, “What on earth is she giving me this old thing for?” But, as the saying goes, ‘beggars can’t be choosers’, and we accepted it along with a motley collection of other items which she was throwing out in our direction. Well, I bet she really regretted having tossed out that knife. It might look really awful, but it’s been used for everything from carving meat and chopping vegetables, to cutting down bamboo and banana palm branches. It always stays incredibly sharp, unlike more modern knives I’ve bought over the years. It’s probably the only thing I have left of all those donated items, but it’s definitely a keeper and I love it; sharp and dependable, even though it’s quite old; a lot like hubby really. 🙂

Tonight we’re going out for dinner in Delray Beach and will have a look at the Christmas lights too. This was the tree in 2011. I’ll try to get a less fuzzy pic tonight.


and here’s me with Santa.


This afternoon I have my 4th art class, so I may show you my lighthouse again in the next couple of days.

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday.


Who had a party in the swamp? Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

Yesterday evening before dinner, we decided to go for a walk around our local nature reserve. It was really wonderful seeing the all the birds flocking to their favourite sleeping places, as the sun began to set. On our way out, I looked across the marsh to see if I might spot Mr Alligator somewhere in the reeds. There was no sign of him, but I did see this.


Do you think he’d had a birthday party, and didn’t even invite me? 😕

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Freedom to express her ‘Joie de Vivre’, for Ailsa’s Travel theme.

I just love this photo of my granddaughter running free in England, after her dad stopped the car on the South Downs, for a bit of a leg stretch.


As you can see, she loves to have the space and freedom to express her joy of living in the moment.


After the stress of studying for exams, a deserted beach is the ideal place to find freedom from the confines of everyday life.


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Sherlock’s Profile for the ‘Photo a Week’ challenge

This week, Nancy invites us to share a photo showing someone’s face in profile. Whilst visiting London earlier this year, we happened upon this instantly recognisable bronze statue of the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes, which stands outside Baker Street tube station.  In Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books, he is portrayed as a man with astute observation and finely tuned deductive reasoning, but very little in the way of people skills. I think his face in profile really shows his fictional personality to perfection.


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My ‘Twinkles’ for the WPC

The Weekly Photo Challenge is ‘Twinkle’, and a twinkling sparkler on a birthday cupcake is always a lovely addition.


My pet lizard is also very jazzy, and for obvious reasons,  I’ve named him ‘Twinkles’.


Christmas is the time of year when lots of twinkly stuff appears in the stores.


These snow globes remind me of my childhood. I had a plastic one with a snow scene inside, and decided to try to take it apart, with rather sad consequences.



Manufacturers are very clever at making twinkly stuff to tempt us, but Mother Nature doesn’t even have to try. The sun over Lake Titicaca created a myriad twinkles which could never be recreated in a factory.


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Feathers on Friday: A gorgeous neighbour at the new house.

Introducing one of our new neighbours who roosts in the trees alongside the lake outside our ‘renovator’s nightmare’ house.


If you’re wondering what that white stuff is below the branch where he perches, the polite term is ‘guano’. I think this must be his favourite ablution spot.


You may remember that I said I was going to scrape off bathroom wallpaper this week? I have to confess that I didn’t actually get around to it, but as I hate to tell untruths, I’m going back with hubby after lunch to have a go. A really great way to spend a Friday afternoon, don’t you agree? Wishing you all a super weekend. Only 12.5 days to Christmas!




Lighthouse Progress for Paula’s Thursday Special

This week, Paula’s ‘Thursday’s Special’ theme is ‘Imperfection’. I think this would be a good place to show you the progress I’ve made with my lighthouse painting. This was my third art class, and I would have liked to have got a bit further by now, but this week, my more experienced classmates were quite demanding of the teacher’s attention, and I got a bit neglected. I’m going to have to practice shouting,”When you’ve got a minute!” as they do. 🙂


There’s still a lot of work to do, but it’s coming on quite well. I doubt it will ever be perfect, but it’s not bad for a first effort. I still have to add a few seagulls and also some grasses in the foreground. I think that next time, I’ll choose to paint something a bit more abstract, rather than a structure. Getting the 3D effect is quite tricky.

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