Random Legs for Ed’s ‘Sunday Stills’

So, Ed has asked us to show a leg for his Sunday Stills challenge this week.

Here’s someone who’s legs I couldn’t resist shooting in our shopping mall. It didn’t look like this family were having the most fun ever, and dad looked quite fed up with the whole proceedings, don’t you think?


Here are hubby’s legs, clinging onto the trapeze bar, after I challenged him to to ‘have a go’ whilst on holiday in Phuket. I said that if he did it, I would give it a try, but then I chickened out. πŸ™‚


This beautifully carved seat in Bali, had really unusual legs, and was just begging to be sat on.


Here are Mr GBH’s skinny legs, sneakily shot from behind.


To join in Ed’s fun challenge, click on the link.

50 comments on “Random Legs for Ed’s ‘Sunday Stills’

  1. These pictures give me giggles. I did not read carefully about the leg of the bench or seat. I thought you meant your legs… I paused a bit thinking what was wrong with your legs.. πŸ™‚

  2. lovely pictures for the theme, Sylvia. I’d chickened out too on the trapeze bars but your husband is a great sport! πŸ™‚ love Mr GBH’s shot! such skinny legs πŸ™‚

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