WPC ‘New’: Mama Duck takes her new family for a ‘walk on the wild side’.

It’s always special to see a mom out with her newborn baby, and this Mama had a really responsible job leading her new family safely amongst all the cars in a busy Florida car park. I counted fourteen ducklings here, but there could have a been a few stragglers still under the car.


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81 comments on “WPC ‘New’: Mama Duck takes her new family for a ‘walk on the wild side’.

  1. There’s something extra specially cute about ducklings. I do wonder about the parenting skill of ducks these days though Sylvia. A parking lot is no place for young ones.. πŸ™‚

  2. Ducklings are just the cutest things. They’re following their mum with such trust, although her route is a little to daring for comfort. I’m glad no-one started up their car, having not spotted them. It doesn’t bear thinking about. All seems to have ended well, thank goodness.

  3. I always like watching the ducklings following mom behind. They are cute. I see that there is a curb up from the street. I imagine the ducklings doing ninja jumping up there.

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