This Ship has Docked.

“Anchor, Love, Share, Learn.” What a great New Year’s mantra from my lovely niece Chere.

looking for signs

I am happy to say, I have dropped anchor.  2014 was the BIG VOYAGE. What started with a tiny voice in my head saying ‘go explore’,Time for a Big Adventure turned into scheming, planning, leaving my job of 8 years, moving out of my pretty flat, selling my car, selling most of my furniture, having the biggest clear out of my STUFF. Clothes, shoes, those junk drawers you haven’t looked through in years. ALL GONE and quickly too, mind you.  Then it was time to set sail on my big voyage. Or at least, get on a plane and move to Europe, to Amsterdam. For the first time in a long time, I have this incredible feeling of being exactly where I want to be. Last year I had all these big ideas, these grand schemes and dreams that I wasn’t even sure I could realistically pull off. But…

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19 comments on “This Ship has Docked.

  1. She is so very lucky to have within her the “spirit” ( the best word I could think of ) to set off on an adventure! Life changing! I wish her safe travels and happy adventures!!

  2. so happy for Chere, Sylvia! what a great new year’s mantra! she is truly an inspiration and i wish all the best for her. thanks for the link. i truly enjoyed her wonderful post.

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