Laughter for Ailsa’s Travel Theme

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious, as laughter and good humour.”  ~ Charles Dickens

After yesterday’s rather sombre post, I thought I’d better brighten up my blog with a few happy photos. Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week, is ‘Laughter’. Whenever my family get together, we usually end up laughing about something or other, and sometimes even about nothing. I have loads of photos with us smiling for the camera, but I’ve chosen these because we’re really laughing.

I have no idea what my dear mom found so funny at Easter lunch last year, but she certainly got us all laughing too.


Our little granddaughter Sienna, obviously found the family photo album really amusing, and who could blame her?


Hubby looked really happy with his choice of  dessert on his birthday. It does look rather amazing.


I had a job to blow out my candle on the birthday cake my sister had made for me, because the rest of the family were doing their utmost to make me laugh, and they succeeded.


I know that Dolly the dolphin isn’t family, but this is the photo which always comes to mind when I think ‘happy’. She really does look like she was laughing.


To see more laughter, or to add your contribution, you can visit Ailsa, here.


86 comments on “Laughter for Ailsa’s Travel Theme

  1. I doubt you could have chosen any better than this lovely photo collection for *laughter* Sylvia ! Family happiness like that is always heart warming . Looks like from that angle your Mum was holding up the delicious cake on a plate Lol maybe she was .. and wondering how long it would last …;-)

  2. Man-o-Man, I wish I had one of those desserts, just a bite would make me smile! Your Mom’s laugh looks so cute. Laughter is good for the soul, thanks for giving us all a smile!

  3. I had a silly dream once. I was laughing in it. I still recall the dream and can start uncontrollable laughter. And that laughter can start others laughing even though they don’t know what I am laughing about. This was in response when you didn’t know what your mom was laughing at…but everyone laughed too. 🙂 It just happens.

  4. Laughter is extremely contagious. It ‘s too bad more people don’t catch the disease. LOL. 🙂 It looks like your family got a good dose though. Good for you.

  5. Your blog posts are often filled with warmth, love and laughter, Sylvia, and today’s post captured trifecta of happiness! Thanks for spreading the joy! (love your mum and the cake!)

  6. “A well-developed sense of humor is the pole that adds balance to your steps as you walk the tightrope of life.” ~ William Arthur Ward

    Laughter shortens the distance between people.

    He deserves Paradise who makes his companions laugh. ~ the Koran

    Great shots!

  7. Oh laughter is indeed the best medicine, great photos Sylvia 🙂 And nothing like laughing with family. We did a lot of that this weekend with my boys down in Brighton and Lewes. I always come away with such a happy glow in my heart…and the same with this lovely post 🙂 xx

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