Hammock and Lighthouse Shadows for the Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s photo challenge ‘Shadowed’, brought to mind my hammock photo which was my previous blog header. It brings back great memories of our holiday in Bora Bora a few years ago, and I’ve been toying with the idea of resurrecting it. What do you think?


Today would have been my sixth and final art class, when I would have finished my lighthouse painting. Unfortunately, we have to travel to Fort Myers for our Green Card application USCIS Biometrics screening. It’s a three hour drive, and as our appointment is at 8am on Thursday, we’ve decided to spend a couple of days there and check out a bit of the Gulf Coast. This is my unfinished painting, and as you may notice, there’s quite a nice bit of shadow on the one side.


I’ll catch up with you all when I get back at the weekend, unless I think of something I want to say before then.


90 comments on “Hammock and Lighthouse Shadows for the Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. I adore restin in a hammock. It frees the body and cuddles you in a way that a bed cannot. In fact, I have one on my lanai made from fabric which is very comfortable. Super place for afternoon naps. : ) Well, I like all of your photos and banners. It would be difficult for me to pick. : )

  2. well I never saw the header of yours – but I LIKE that shot – yeah baby – and I can see it fitting you and this ol paradise blog – and your lighthouse piece came out great – it really does not look like a beginner – congrats and safe travels S ❤

  3. I wish I had time a place to try my hand at painting, although I am a ‘grandma Moses’ artist. Red is red, blue is blue, etc. Anyone who has glimpsed into my books pretty much gets the jest of my style. Of course those drawings are done on the computer—not the same thing.

    I envy you guys who can bring out the realistic elements in an object with a paintbrush. You have done a wonderful job, Sylvia. Pat yourself on the back for me. 🙂

  4. Love that shot! Have fun exploring the Gulf Coast around Ft. Myers. Captiva and Sanibel are hammock inducing islands. And Pine Island is full of art galleries to explore.

  5. The perfect shadows! Like Jill, just read her comment, I wish I was doing the same! You know how much I love your lighthouse painting…but sorry you have to delay finishing it. Hope all goes well with Green (White) Card and see you soon 🙂 xx

  6. Your lovely painting looks finished to me Sylvia ! Look what you’ve accomplished in such a short time , I do hope you are carrying on with another series 🙂
    Enjoy your mini break !

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