Giant Trees in Edison’s Botanic Garden, for Cee’s Wood Challenge.

Here I am in Fort Myers. The biometrics screening went well, apart from the fact that I apparently have fingerprints which don’t scan, so I had to do the black ink ones. I looked like a paid up member of the ‘Black Hand Gang’ by the time we were finished. Fortunately the stuff they used to clean me up, was very efficient and my hands and nails were soon back to pristine condition again.

Afterwards, we spent a few wonderful hours at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates botanic gardens, houses, laboratory and museum. I have loads of photos to sort through, but here for Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge ‘Wood’, are just two of the amazing trees in that garden.

This sprawling and gigantic Banyan Tree, planted in 1925, is one of the largest in the continental United States.


When it arrived from India in a butter tub, it was 2 inches in diameter and 4 ft high, and was a gift to Thomas Edison from Harvey Firestone. Today the tree is 64 ft high and the circumference of its aerial roots is 396 ft. It looks to me like a many-legged prehistoric monster.


Look at the gigantic roots on this majestic Mysore Fig tree.


It stands so tall and stately, and it’s branches reach way up to the sky.


Although the weather here is rather cool and grey, we’re off to Sanibel Island to look at the beach and more especially the lighthouse. We’ll be driving home again tomorrow. I wish you all a great weekend

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79 comments on “Giant Trees in Edison’s Botanic Garden, for Cee’s Wood Challenge.

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  2. OMG … you were in my backyard. Well, almost. Actually, I’m about an hour from there. You’ll have to e mail me next time your in the area. My hubby and I can join you for coffee or lunch. 😊
    I’ve visited the Edison & Ford Winter Estates a few times. I like to take people who are on vacation and staying with me. It’s quite an interesting estate filled with history. He was a very eccentric man. Is his lightbulb still on? 😃
    Glad you enjoyed your visit there. I was astonished by the banyan tree,too. 😃

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  4. hope the lighthouse visit was nice
    and these tree shots are great in b & w – the last one really captured as my fav – but how unusually and cool 🙂

  5. Hi Sylvia !
    Fantastic place … Fantastic trees … Looks like they coming from a magical fairytale … And that they soon is going to be alive and take their long legs and big feet for a walk 😉 … Maria 🙂

  6. Now you are in my old stomping grounds. I visited the Edison Home last year when visiting my brother. It was the first time in years and it was much improved and enjoyable.

  7. Monstrous trees ! Glad you’re enjoy your weekend away Sylvia . Sounds like it’s gone well on the formalities which is good . Very good 😉

  8. I loved seeing that Banyon tree “in person.” There’s also a few wonderful Banyons at Ringling Museum outside Ca d’Zan and also at Marie Selby Botannical Gardens.

    They do look prehistoric.

    Hope you enjoyed your trip to Sanibel. We’ve been 3 times and enjoyed it each visit.

    Glad you cleaned up nicely.

      • Yes. Maybe next time.

        I would have suggested meeting you this trip but we already had a blogging meet up with Pix (Under the Oaks) scheduled in Sarasota yesterday. And today was all about Tigger ~ dental cleaning and extractions. He bounced back like a true Tigger!

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