Seeing Double for Colline’s ‘Gratitude Project’

I usually only see one Anhinga at a time in my backyard, but yesterday, this pair flew in and stayed for quite a while, happily drying their wings in the sunshine. Can you hear the one on the right, singing “Oh what a beautiful morning?”


One of the best things for me about living here in Florida, is the wonderful bird life right on my doorstep. It’s a daily gratitude to be able to watch their comings and goings.

Each week, Colline invites us to share something that we’re grateful for. Check out her blog by clicking the Gratitude logo.

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66 comments on “Seeing Double for Colline’s ‘Gratitude Project’

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  2. ti ringrazio per questo delizioso viaggio che abbiamo fatto in compagnia delle tue foto…mi spiace di non poter essere sempre presente sul web, ma appena posso non mi dimentico di passare a salutarti
    abbi un lieto fine settimana
    con affetto

  3. Oh, how fantastic to have such beauty right out your door. I don’t think I would tire of the wildlife sightings. You know how much I hate bird photography πŸ˜‰

  4. One on the left thinks *show off* …
    Lovely bird captures Sylvia .. I’d be very happy to see so many birds around my home too .

  5. I’d be in heaven with birds like that on my doorstep. But I do love all the songbirds that come into my garden. I have a beautiful mistle thrush who keeps visiting me at the moment. They are much more rare than son thrushes, so I feel very honoured.

  6. I see the male stretching and showing off a bit and the female looking on with admiration. They are completely oblivious of you. πŸ™‚ And it does look like a beautiful morning!

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