Expressing myself for the WPC

“Be yourself – not your idea of what you think someone else’s idea of yourself should be. “ ~ Henry David Thoreau

This week, Krista challenges us to show what “express yourself” means to us.

I enjoy expressing myself with my piano music, although nowadays I don’t play nearly as often as I used to.

IMG_0958 dscn7653

My eyes often express what I’m feeling, like in this photo of hubby and happy me.


I love to express my joy at being granny to my adorable grandkids.


I adore travel, but as clothes are part of my way of expressing my individuality, I don’t tend to travel light.


Taking every opportunity for a bit of fun that comes along, ensures that I have a great time wherever I find myself.



I’m also not averse to expressing my ‘No Fear’ with a bit of up in the air riskiness, as long as I know I’ll be coming back down to terra firma afterwards.


Pretty shoes are important to me, but on the odd occasion, I don’t mind expressing my sense of adventure in really ugly wellies.


So, how do you express yourself, or what photos do you have of of someone else expressing themselves? You can join the challenge by clicking this lovely badge created by ‘firstandfabulous’ Gemma.





101 comments on “Expressing myself for the WPC

  1. I love the pictures Sylvia, especially your flash-mob of one person …… you … in the top picture :/ Seriously, I would love to hear you play my friend ! xox ❤

  2. Love your beautiful long fingers and would enjoy hearing you play. You should share an audio/video of you playing. And, your beautiful eyes tell the story of who you are so well. Nice to always see happy and loving people!

  3. You must have a wonderful life, Sylvia – and you shine! I can’t help noticing that EnOrmous Luggage…but read in the comments what it really was. O, I would go crazy travelling with all those bags. I travel as light as I can, but no weddings ahead…

  4. What beautiful and colourful ways of self-expression, Sylvia! Would be lovely to hear you playing the piano one day…
    PS; The “not light travelling” photo really made me smile… 🙂

  5. Never easy packing in the UK as the weather is so changeable. I don’t wear make-up but have sensitive skin, so have to take lots of different organic creams with me!
    You definitely have real piano player’s hands, Sylvia, with those long fingers of yours. My playing is really rusty these days, although I got up to Grade 7 at school (many decades ago!).

  6. I look at the computer and see sunshiny skies (and smiles), while I look out my window to see our first snow … the best of both worlds in one moment! How cool is cyberspace? It looks like you and your family had some wonderful rendezvous’ — good for you! 🙂 … Your playing the piano makes me think of my mother, may she RIP. She, too, was a piano player.

  7. A great collection of photos tapping into what makes you you Sylvia. As for the packing, traveling for work for many years and now living in an RV, I have learned to pack light.

  8. I have to tell you I had to smile when I saw the suitcases!! I traveled constantly until 2012 and honed my skills in traveling light, only with a carryon, including for work trips to Africa 🙂 I think all “arts and letters” are great ways of expressing oneself, and you certainly have many of them going for you!

  9. I love your verve and vigour Sylvia…as well as you sense of adventure and your suitcase collection to match 😉 You express yourself beautifully and you are beautiful inside and out by doing so 🙂 xx

    • Thanks so much, Sherri. I don’t know about the suitcases being part of the adventure. I really do try to cut down, but always have to take lots of presents for the family. Then of course, there are the shoes, and I don’t have small feet, so they take up more space. That’s my excuse. 😆

    • Hahaha. Well all those cases went literally around the world with us, and also included wedding presents for our son, as well as our wedding clothes. Not that I pack much lighter for a normal trip. Just ask hubby……he’s my porter. 😀

    • Thanks, Madhu. That luggage was for quite a long ‘Round the World’ trip, which incorporated our son’s wedding, so there were some extra things we needed to include, like presents and wedding outfits. That’s my excuse anyway. 🙂

  10. You are so talented in many ways. We/I would love to hear you play the piano. 🙂
    I could travel with just a makeup bag. But I don’t wear makeup. lol Maybe with just a toothbrush. I can understand liking pretty and unusual clothes. They do express ourselves.

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