All’s well that ends well in the Heron family saga.

Do you remember this pair of Great Blue Herons? I seriously wondered if their relationship was going to last, because it looked like Ms. GBH was trying to pick a fight with her mate.


The next time I saw them, they didn’t even seem to be speaking to one another!


Then a few days ago, I was so relieved to see that all was hunky-dory again, and there they were, playing ‘happy families’. Mommy was feeding the babies whilst daddy was doing a bit of home restoration.


I do love a happy ending, don’t you? Have a great weekend, and think of me playing my heart out on Sunday night.



86 comments on “All’s well that ends well in the Heron family saga.

  1. I see Harvey has run out of breath mints. You managed some dynamite shots, Sylvia. I love the spread wing in that last shot. Feathers in their intricacy fascinate me.

  2. You’ve got me hoping we might see some big birds on our trip south… IF we can make it through the torrential rains of the “Pineapple Express”…. I may be away from blogging for awhile, depending on the haphazard nature of internet availability.

  3. I will die of laughter !!!! You exactly got them when they were literally human analogous of ‘not in talking terms’. But glad to see happy family,responsible Daddy and loving Mommy 😀 Do share the mischievous kids when they come out of nest 😀

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