Wild Details for Ailsa’s Travel Theme

Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week is ‘Details’, and I thought you might like these two closeups taken at our local nature reserve. First up is my favourite bird, Mr. Great Blue Heron in all his feathered glory. What a display of detail! It’s almost as though he was saying, “Wow, look at me now!”


This cute alligator hatchling seemed totally unaware that he had a bit of leaf sitting on top of his head. What a pretty design detail he has on his scales.


The details of what happened at the dinner on Sunday evening, are as follows. The White Team and the Blue Team were just about tied in the ‘Color War’ games they’d participated in over the past month. The deciding factor was the cheer and the song. The Blue team went first, and as soon as they started their song, I knew that White had won. It certainly was a case of “Anything Blue can do, White can do better.” We won the cup with a standing ovation, and now I’m the best thing since sliced bread. πŸ™‚

To join in the challenge, click the link.


82 comments on “Wild Details for Ailsa’s Travel Theme

  1. Looks like Mr Bird is about to swoop down and eat little Al. Shame poor thing – maybe he’s hoping that the leaf would render him invisible?

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