What a wingspan!

Yesterday, I showed you Mr Pelican, sedately gliding through the water. Today he decided to show his magnificent wing span, and I just managed to capture it before he took off.


About four feet in length, and with a wingspan ofΒ  up to 8 feet, the Brown Pelican is one of the best known and most prominent birds found in the coastal areas of the southern and western USA. I’m really happy that a couple of them have decided to visit my backyard this winter.


74 comments on “What a wingspan!

  1. “King and Queen of the Pelicans we;
    No other Birds so grand we see!
    None but we have feet like fins!
    With lovely leathery throats and chins!
    Ploffskin, Pluffskin, Pelican jee!
    We think no Birds so happy as we!
    Plumpskin, Ploshkin, Pelican jill!
    We think so then, and we thought so still! ”

    from the Pelican Chorus by Edward Lear.

  2. wow – you have the coolest visitors in your yard – and the composition of your photo is cool – left centered and then all that top water – and the different water colors – nice

  3. I love the graceful way those great wings help the pelicans fly and glide across the top of the water, but they are rather clumsy as they take off, and some times it is a bit of a crash landing.

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  5. When I looked up close at those flapping wings, the feathers reminded me of those dresses worn in the 1920’s. I can picture a gal as she is doing the Charleston in her flapper dress. πŸ™‚ lol

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