Last day of the 5 Day B&W Photo Challenge ~ The Ponte Vecchio

For my final B&W photo from Italy, it was a toss up between Venice and Florence. The oldest and most famous bridge in Florence won the toss. Ponte Vecchio is the only surviving bridge from Florence’s medieval days, its other bridges having been blitzed in World War II. Legend has it that Hitler really took such a liking to this particular bridge, that he ordered it should be spared. The original wooden bridge which had crossed the Arno River at this spot since Roman times, was destroyed by flood in 1117. The replacement bridge, with three arches constructed in stone, was demolished in the terrible flood of November 1333, when according to the chronicles of Giovanni Villani, everything but the two central piers was swept away when huge logs in the rushing water became clogged around it, allowing the water to build and “leap over the arches.” It was rebuilt in 1345.


Ponte Vecchio, meaning ‘The Old Bridge’, was initially home to butchers’ shops, but in the 16th century, because the influential Medici family who used the corridor on the second level as a pathway across the river, decided the smell of raw meat was too nauseating, the meat was replaced with something much less offensive to the nostrils; gold, silver and jewels. Today it’s a major tourist attraction, and is lined with jewellers, art dealers and souvenir shops.

Thanks Issy of Isadora Art and Photography for nominating me to take part in the 5 Day B&W Photo Challenge.

There are only two rules for this challenge:

1. On 5 consecutive days, create a post using either a past or recent photo in B&W.
2. Each day invite another blog friend to join in the fun.

My longtime South African blog friend Michelle, The Happy Hugger, has kindly volunteered to do the challenge. Her blog is about “Life, love, happiness and most of all kindness,” and I know she’d love to have you visit.


65 comments on “Last day of the 5 Day B&W Photo Challenge ~ The Ponte Vecchio

      • That’s true, and probably quite a bit of warning – like lots of rain. But I’ve been there, and the bridge is like a city. Our whole downtown isn’t that big! Well, that might be a little of an exaggeration, but maybe not. The bridge knocked my socks off when I saw it.

  1. very nice b&w photo of the ponte vecchio and the history, too. i enjoyed my visit there but didn’t buy anything 🙂 congratulations on finishing your 5-day b&w challenge. great job!!! 🙂

  2. I have enjoyed your black and white series. You don’t often post using this format and I think you should do so more. You definitely have the ‘eye’ for an image that translates well into monotone.
    Jude xx

  3. Very informative history you’ve added to the photo for us, Sylvia. The bridge looks old world in B & W and is beautifully captured. I’ve enjoyed the tour through Italy.
    Thank you again for participating and taking us on board one of your past vacation.

  4. I like the B&W… I remember when I was standing in that same spot many years ago I couldn’t believe I was really there… it really is a magical sight… and I was served the most expensive cup of coffee I ever had in the cafe at the other side!

  5. I like your choice – and something very cool about all the soft plant life leading up to the harder bridge – even a bit of reflection in the water too.
    and how cool to hear the story of the stinky meat.

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