Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge #8: A visit to Pahokee Mo’s

On our return trip from Fort Myers, we stopped offΒ  at Lake Okeechobee and looked for a place to have lunch. Pahokee Mo’s Tiki bar and Sunset Grille seemed to be be the only option, and we so enjoyed our meal there. The food was really great, and the service outstanding and friendly. What fascinating inside decor they had too. I especially loved this canoe with its two hunters which floated above the bar.


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53 comments on “Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge #8: A visit to Pahokee Mo’s

  1. We’ve gone to a Portillo’s restaurant where they have a man in a tub up on a shelf as decoration. One of my daughters noticed it & pointed it out. If we go back – I will try to remember to capture a photo of it – even if just with my cellphone.

  2. I’ve never been to this place either, Sylvia. You’ve been discovering a great many hidden treasures. This looks very authentic to the Mikasookee Indians in that area. I’ll have to take a little side trip one day. Nice photo for the odd ball challenge.
    : )

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