A circle of horses for Cee’s ‘Which Way’ #8

This is my first entry for Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge. Whilst out shopping, I came across this beautiful horse sculpture at a traffic circle here in Boynton Beach. The grazing horses, created by local public artist Mark Fuller, and entitled ‘The Last Pasture’, symboliseΒ the shrinking of rural environments, and are Mark’s way of memorializing what used to be just a pasture before commercial development took over this site.


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48 comments on “A circle of horses for Cee’s ‘Which Way’ #8

  1. Clever and thought-provoking response to the challenge. Though much of this country has undergone a great deal of change in the past 20 or so years, Florida has seen far more than most. Too many people vying for less and less land.

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