A new visitor to my backyard

Yesterday was really blustery here and there weren’t many birds flying around the lake. Mr. GBH, looking very unimpressed, was hunkered down and appeared to be glued to his special spot for the whole day, his feathers blowing every which way.


Even Sammy squirrel was staying close to the ground instead of rushing up and down the palm trees. In fact he was lying face-down for so long, I began to wonder if he’d suffered a heart attack. Much to my relief, when he heard the door open, he moved off into the flower bed.


It’s a good thing he did move to a less exposed spot, because a short while later, a new and unexpected visitor suddenly came swooping in. Sammy would have made a very tasty snack for Mr. Turkey Vulture.


It was the first time I’d seen a Buzzard up close. His face certainly wouldn’t win any beauty competitions, but what gorgeous plumage he has.


He didn’t stick around for very long, and soon he was off up into the clouds again. I often think how wonderful it must be, to be able to just take off on a whim, without all the hassle of airports and having to book tickets.


Wishing you all a great weekend. I’ll be donning my ‘glad rags’ tonight, for dining and dancing with friends.


96 comments on “A new visitor to my backyard

  1. We know all about that weather around here! Bent double on the cliff top isn’t fun (especially if it snows 😦 ). I love your rumpled heron shot, Ad, but best of all is the squirrel and the chat line that goes with. Adorable! 🙂

  2. They certainly do look a bit cheesed off, hopefully the winds died down and soon. And hope you had a super time, sounds great fun. I do love a good dance 🙂 xx

      • Chatting is great too! Oh dear…but sure GBH will return very soon, he is loyal and faithful, quite the old soul 🙂 I didn’t see Sweet Robin for a day and I got quite worried. But then he showed up on the bench and then had a wash in the bird bath so I was very relieved. Isn’t it amazing how attached we become to our feathered visitors? They are part of the family 🙂

  3. Wow love your animal farm – the squirrel gets a gold star for being so cute! Please send the buzzard my way – do you think it would like to eat my neighbour?

  4. Wow – must be great having all these animals visiting your backyard!! I wouldn’t be able to get anything done, would just be staring out the window for new visitors all day:)

  5. The face is something prehistoric. I’ve heard it said he doesn’t have feathers on his face to keep the yucky stuff he feeds on from making a huge mess. ;(

  6. I saw the first picture of the buzzard and clicked to look up close and thought what a bunch of beautiful of feathers. A rich brown.
    Then scrolled on down and read your comment about it too. You take such wonderful closeups. How come they sit so still for you? 🙂

  7. I saw turkey vultures about three years ago and they looked so ugly, but what caught my attention was indeed the plumage and wondering what nature intended when she gave them wings, so strange lol

  8. I learned a great deal about vultures last year while in Texas. I read the Turkey Vultures do NOT kill. Fascinating creatures and their purpose in the circle of life.

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