WPC Reward: Second painting finished

Ever since my insensitive art teacher at school, told me over fifty years ago, that I was absolutely hopeless at drawing and painting, I’ve believed it to be true, and have often joked about not even being able to draw a stick man. A few weeks ago, having been encouraged by a friend, I signed up for a six week course in oil painting. I was really apprehensive, fearing I wouldn’t be able to produce anything remotely worth looking at, but soon found that I was enjoying myself, and was amazed to find that I could actually paint something quite pleasing, even to my own very critical eye.


This week I finished my second painting, and hung it in my TV room. I look at the result of these first two efforts, as a reward for taking my courage in both hands, and finally laying to rest a ghost which has haunted me for all those years.


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157 comments on “WPC Reward: Second painting finished

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  2. Good for you! These are smashing.

    Yeah ”teachers”.
    I asked my Technical Drawing teacher if I should take TD as an O’Level. He laughed aloud and walked off. I nearly died of humiliation.

    My father has painted since he was around 30. I have the second painting he did – a still life in oils using a palette knife.
    He won five pounds for it and we all went to the movies as a treat and saw Battle of Britain when it premiered in our town.
    I reckon you have the makings of a good artist, Sylvia.
    Stick with it.

      • I found the painting on my last trip back ”home”. It wasn’t even hanging!
        Dad had it with several others lodged between two pieces of card stuffed behind a chest of drawers on the landing!
        he said there was nowhere to hang it! I ask you, honestly!
        So I ‘nicked’ it, brought it back here, made a frame and hung it in my office.
        Oddly enough, the painting came up in a chat on the phone last week and he joking remarked, ”So you were the cheeky bugger who pinched it!’
        I have a few of his pieces. I wish I had more.
        e did a few superb bird paintings for my grandmother bu when she died they ”disappeared”.

  3. Brush off the artist. Soon enough, you’ll have a gallery. And darn, you nailed lighting on paint so early. If I saw this picture, I wouldn’t believe it coming from a student painter.

  4. Gemma always raises a smile, doesn’t she? You and sis certainly share the talent, Ad, and it must be wonderful just to have the satisfaction of doing it and enjoying the result. 🙂
    How goes the ‘Des Res’?

    • Yes she’s one sharp lady. 🙂 Yes, it is very satisfying to have proved that I can do it if I really want to. 🙂 The home total remodel is coming along very well. Of course all the repair and preparation is the most time consuming part, and hubby’s pedalling as fast as he can. 🙂

  5. They are both beautiful, Sylvia. You are very talented, and if those are your first works, I can only image the stunning artwork you will produce in the future. I hope you’ll continue to share.

  6. Sylvia, you are so talented and I adore both your paintings, they are just gorgeous. Thank goodness you didn’t let that teacher keep you down. And it just goes to show that it is never too late for anything. You inspire me greatly my friend, you really do 🙂 xx

  7. beautiful paintings, Sylvia! thank you to your friend who encouraged you to paint and am glad you pursued! keep painting! you are very talented 🙂

  8. If you can paint like this after just six weeks course then your talent was just hidden. Beautiful paintings. A good reward for your hard work.

  9. That’s why we take what others say with a grain of salt sometimes. Your Art teacher was apparently blind in one eye and couldn’t see out the other! Just sayin’.
    Great stuff, ad.👍

  10. A truly insensitive teacher – and so wrong about your talent. These are both beautiful, and i adore the lighthouse. Keep going! How wonderful to “beat” that old feeling of not being able to. To prove this teacher wrong. I’m so happy for you!

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