Sunday Stills: One hundred and one and three quarters

When I saw Ed’s ‘100+’ challenge this week, I knew that I had to post about my dear MiL who is so proud of the fact that she is now one hundred and one and three quarters, and still going strong. Kathleen Letitia was born in Hanwell England on 4th August 1913.

Wright Family 014

To celebrate her 100th Birthday, she had two big party’s, one for close family members,


and another one in the village hall for even more family and over a hundred friends.


A couple of weeks later, she took her children and their spouses on a wonderful Rhine River cruise. Of course, this lively centenarian was the toast of the ship, and loved to party the night away, even after a full day’s touring around the sights, which was done mostly on foot.



Last year, she had a bit of a tumble on her staircase at home, which landed her in the ER for a few hours, while “a very kind young lady” put stitches in her ear. The family expressed concern that at her great age, she should still be living on her own, and suggested that she have a two week trial period in a beautiful care home a few miles away. Her decision was, that although it was very nice there, it definitely wasn’t for her. “It’s for old people,” she protested, so back home she went, and is now enjoying her independent life even more than ever. We speak to her every Sunday, and she always has such a lot to tell us, about Scrabble competitions, concerts and shows she’s been to, and friends and family who’ve been round to visit for Sunday lunch, or for tea and her wonderful home-made cake. While she’s following her favourite TV series, such as Coronation Street and EastEnders, her hands are never idle, as she loves to knit, and produces warm, colourful hats and mittens for needy children overseas.


I hope that if I should live to be 100+, I will look as good as she does, and enjoy life just as much.


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My Sunday Photos: So elegant in white

Yesterday, the Great Egret landed in my backyard. As he stood showing off his handsome profile, he petulantly asked, “Never mind your esteemed Mr. Great Blue…….who is the whitest bird of all?”


After holding the pose just long enough to be sure he would get a well-earned mention on my blog, he stalked off to inspect the neighbours’s untidy bit of foliage.


Disappointed that there were no juicy tidbits to be found, he haughtily stuck his nose in the air and strutted off to try his luck elsewhere.


Sunday morning means Boot Camp. I wonder if our instructor will be feeling cruel or kind this week? Sadly I fear that the odds are on the first option.






Ephemeral pleasures to savour

“…beauty consists of its own passing, just as we reach for it. It’s the ephemeral configuration of things in the moment, when you can see both their beauty and their death.”  ~ Muriel Barbery


“Life is made up of moments, small pieces of glittering mica in a long stretch of grey cement.” ~ Anna Quindlen – A short guide to a happy life


Life wasn’t meant to be lived in a rush, so we must savour even the smallest of pleasures.


Our allotted time here on earth is just as ephemoral as a glorious sunset. We can’t know what tomorrow will bring, but we can live life to the fullest, simply by appreciating every fleeting pleasure.


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Cee’s FFC: Weathered Wood

I have a couple of ‘weathered wood’ pics for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week. The first one, the oldest wood I’ve ever seen, is in Yellowstone National Park.


It’s a petrified redwood, and according to the plaque next to it, is about 50 million years old.


A few days after I took this next photo of an old dead tree in my old home town of Umhlanga South Africa, it was ripped out of the ground in a violent storm, and toppled over into the road.


Wishing you all a splendid and fun weekend.

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‘Multitudes’ of birds for Thursday’s Special

I often visit the Green Cay Wetlands and Nature Centre, as there, I can see multitudes of birds especially just before sunset when they are coming home to roost. (Click the image for a closer look.)


From a distance, it looks like the trees have a multitude of white blossoms, but on closer inspection, the white ‘flowers’ are revealed to be White Ibis.


Almost every available branch in the marsh is covered in birds.


Looks like Mr. GBH really has his hands full trying to keep this multitude of noisy Ibis in order, and settle them down for the night,


but you can definitely see who’s the boss.


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Sunday Stills: Cruising the New River to Lamanai.

Ed’s Sunday Stills Challenge this week is “Rivers and Creeks.” Whilst in Belize, we just had to visit the Maya temple ruins at  Lamanai, one of the oldest sites in Belize, which dates back to 700 BC. The only way to get there, is by speedboat down The New River.


Our boat captain and guide Carlos, was really excited to show us some of the sights, such as the Morelet’s (Mexican) crocodiles. Did I mention that the name Lamanai, means “submerged crocodile?”


There did seem to be quite a few of them around. They are smaller than a lot of other types of crocodiles, only measuring about 7-10 feet, which I’m sure is plenty big enough for some of my friends here, who have a bit of an aversion to reptiles. You may remember my green pic for St. Patrick’s Day, which resulted in a few “Eeeks!” in my comments.


The possibility of encountering one of these crocs didn’t seem to worry the local fishermen at all, who looked quite relaxed in their small canoes.



I suppose the children are quite blasé  about them too. There are no child safety precautions in Belize.


There were also some very pretty sights along the river, like this  bird which the Belizeans call the ‘Jesus Christ Bird’. Can you guess why?


After our day at the Maya ruins, we were ‘treated’ to a helter skelter, rather hair-raising trip back along the river in order to be in time for our plane ride back to San Pedro.


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MySundayPhoto: Peek-a-boo

Look who came to our front door yesterday. Hubby was just finishing up after a day’s renovating, when he spied a tiny little turtle at the front door. He took a quick photo for me before carrying little Terrence down to the lake, where he happily waded in and swam off, probably to reunite with his family.


Hope your Sunday is going swimmingly. I’m off to ‘Boot Camp’, the thought of which isn’t entirely thrilling, but I always cook a really nice full  English breakfast when we get home. 🙂