My Sunday Photo: A quacking tête-à-tête

This morning, Daisy and Danny duck met by the water’s edge for a friendly little tête-à-tête.


They chatted for a while and then paddled off across the lake together to do whatever ducks do on a Sunday.


Hope you’re also having a great first of the month. I’ve just got back from Boot Camp and am about to cook brunch. The only problem with doing strenuous exercise, is that it tends to makes me very hungry. 😕


80 comments on “My Sunday Photo: A quacking tête-à-tête

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  2. We all just need to have more little tête-à-têtes. We all seem too busy to visit. Just a nice chat about the neighbors’ kids, the school teacher’s affairs and the minister’s wife off key singing. Would fill up a dull Sunday afternoon very quickly. 🙂

  3. I love watching ducks float lazily around on the surface of the lagoon, happily quacking in laughter (quack~quack~quack) as they paddle.

    I also get a kick out of ducks angrily chastising each other for stepping out of line with rapid-fire staccato tones:


    Enjoy your brunch!

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