Florida Swamp painting almost finished

I tried to finish my painting today. I brought it home, as this was my last art class for the time being. I have to sign it and do the gloss coat when it’s dry, but I’m now wondering if it needs an alligator lurking somewhere in the shadows. What do you think, and if so, where should I put him?


Wishing you all a splendid weekend. Hope you get lots of sunshine coming your way.


146 comments on “Florida Swamp painting almost finished

  1. Beautiful wildlife painting, Sylvia. I would keep the paitning as it is. The softness of the colors of the sky draws you in to view it. Sometimes, less is more when it comes to paintings. The viewer can get too distracted with too many things to look at. This painting is stellar. 😎

  2. NO to alligator. Just a name “Rommel” on the bottom left. πŸ˜€ I kid. I kid.
    Wow, wow, wow. At first look, I thought it was an HDR photo!

  3. I am stunned by this Sylvia, seriously. Just beautiful. You could put an alligator in the bottom left hand side, lurking there, barely noticeable, only if someone was really observant…I like your idea. I love the calm, serene, seemingly peaceful view…yet, yet…in the shadows lies something menacing, hiding out of view, waiting for the right moment to reveal itself. But then you know how I like a twist of dark here and there. πŸ˜€ xx

  4. I think you should talk to Phil about that, but I see this painting as a picture of perfect serenity – I would not include the beast (not this time :D)

  5. wow…this is amazing Sylvia!!! you are a very talented woman…love the calm, soothing feeling to this. No alligator needed…the painting speaks for itself…

  6. I’m with the others in regards to the alligator. Better just to wonder if one is lurking somewhere. You have so many talents between your music and art…I think it is wonderful.

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