Cee’s FFC Abstract: Working at the Car Wash Blues

It was Saturday lunchtime, and a guy was waving a “Car wash only $1” sign as we were about to pass Woody’s, so hubby drove in. The drive through car wash is not one of my all time favourite experiences, so I amused myself by taking a few pics. Make sure all the windows are closed, here comes the tsunami!


I would never dare go through one of these on my own. I read about a 94-year-old guy in Sacramento who accidentally put his foot on the accelerator and drove through at 40 mph, crashing into the equipment and causing $100 000 worth of damage.


How would a small child react to his or her first time through this noisy and dark tunnel? I think it must be truly terrifying.

IMG_7212Do you ever get a fright when that big dryer heads straight for your windscreen? Yikes, what if it doesn’t hold?


A woman in England had her spoiler ripped right off by some of these big black flapping thingamabobs. They really do slap your car around.


The upside was that I did get some nice abstract images for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. Finally we make it to the end of the tunnel. What a relief to see daylight again!


To see more abstracts, just click Cee’s badge.


85 comments on “Cee’s FFC Abstract: Working at the Car Wash Blues

  1. Wow – really like these, especially the last one! I only go through the touches car washes so we don’t get slapped around and we don’t have to line the wheels up in the tracks.

  2. I have never been in a car wash – but after seeing your smashing pictures (perfect for the challenge)…I think I would like to try! In my little village we do not have one, though.

  3. Nope! Your scare tactics is not going to work on mine. Although, I rather clean my car on my own than pay higher on those car wash stations. πŸ˜‰

  4. I love my Toyota dealer for the free car wash, done by some very industrious and efficient young men as long as I leave the license plate holder with the dealer’s name on it. I haven’t had to wash the car since 2006! Great choice (as usual) for something unusual for the challenge!

  5. What a wonderfully unique post this is Sylvia, love your photos. My eldest son was terrified of the car wash when he was a little boy. I remember how he would clamber up onto my lap and I would hold him tight and sing songs to him while the ‘monsters’ outside attacked our car (as he thought). They can be quite vicious those machines and do some damage. Scary things indeed πŸ˜‰

  6. that is pretty sad about the costly damage done – and yikes – and your photos are fun (perfect for the FFC) – and I feel like the car wash can be a major gift and time saver –

    and did you get a heated dry with that one dollar?

  7. Cool shots! I just went through one recently (after snow) to clean up bottom of the car mainly. I can understand the experience can be scary. I got a little bit of that too. The one that I went through does not have brushes, only water spraying and blowers. The blowers were so powerful that it vibrated the car.

  8. I have never taken my new car through one (not so new now – I have had her for 6 years) but treat her to a hand-wash now and then when I can’t be bothered to clean her myself. But I did use them in the previous car all the time. Not sure why I don’t any more – maybe the fear of something being ripped off?

  9. My kids all loved & still enjoy going through the car wash – especially the girls.
    And – they like when we get the “Easter color” soap.
    Now – Fenway — that’s another story. He is afraid of it & rolls into a ball on the car floor. Poor pooch.

  10. I have taken the van through a few times and I must say I really dislike trying to line up the tires in the correct spot. I think I prefer washing the van myself, plus it is always fun squirting hubby or one of the kids with the hose!

  11. Really fits the abstract category well. My husband is outside washing “his” car right now. Won’t let anyone else touch it. He must have read about those events.

  12. Between the ages of three and eight, my son spent a great deal of time reading books about monsters, or drawing pictures of them while singing monster sound effects (drove his sister mad with this!). So the first time we went to the car wash together, we said we were going on an adventure to the land of the brush monsters and torrential rain. We were so brave — absolute warriors, in fact! And when the hot air came to dry the car, it was the monster’s hot breath. All great fun πŸ™‚

    I love your photos, Sylvia.

  13. My daughter used to cry through these as an infant, she hated it with a passion, now though I go to a German engineered one which is completely touchless and pulls the car along on its own πŸ™‚

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