Floating past ‘The Rock’ for the Word A Week Challenge

Looking out across San Francisco Bay, we saw this beautiful sailing ship floating just off Alcatraz Island.


Happy Saturday to you all.

To see more floaty things for Sue’s Word a Week Challenge, click the link.

52 comments on “Floating past ‘The Rock’ for the Word A Week Challenge

  1. What an amazing capture, beautiful yacht and great backdrop. And I can say that Alcatraz is one place that I have visited! Eldest son also camped out there once, in an actual jail cell, with his Scout Troop. He said it was very spooky indeed! Hope you had a wonderful weekend Sylvia πŸ™‚ xx

  2. what a cool shot – and looks like it is timeless with that old ship there – and side note – I just watched the ending to the 1979 movie “escape from alcatraz” – and really enjoyed it….

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