Sunday Stills: Cruising the New River to Lamanai.

Ed’s Sunday Stills Challenge this week is “Rivers and Creeks.” Whilst in Belize, we just had to visit the Maya temple ruins at  Lamanai, one of the oldest sites in Belize, which dates back to 700 BC. The only way to get there, is by speedboat down The New River.


Our boat captain and guide Carlos, was really excited to show us some of the sights, such as the Morelet’s (Mexican) crocodiles. Did I mention that the name Lamanai, means “submerged crocodile?”


There did seem to be quite a few of them around. They are smaller than a lot of other types of crocodiles, only measuring about 7-10 feet, which I’m sure is plenty big enough for some of my friends here, who have a bit of an aversion to reptiles. You may remember my green pic for St. Patrick’s Day, which resulted in a few “Eeeks!” in my comments.


The possibility of encountering one of these crocs didn’t seem to worry the local fishermen at all, who looked quite relaxed in their small canoes.



I suppose the children are quite blasé  about them too. There are no child safety precautions in Belize.


There were also some very pretty sights along the river, like this  bird which the Belizeans call the ‘Jesus Christ Bird’. Can you guess why?


After our day at the Maya ruins, we were ‘treated’ to a helter skelter, rather hair-raising trip back along the river in order to be in time for our plane ride back to San Pedro.


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62 comments on “Sunday Stills: Cruising the New River to Lamanai.

  1. Beautiful pictures! I love crocodiles. It’s always nice to see them. However, I never had the chance to get close to a wild one before. Still, it’s on my list 🙂

  2. I guess the Captain loves to see the *excited* faces of his passengers Lol when a croc is spotted !
    Love the water walking JC bird !

    • Oh yes, Captain Carlos was full of glee when showing us the crocs, and also when demonstarting how fast he could take those bends in the river, hurtling around them on ‘two wheels’, much to my consternation. 😯

  3. Syliva, some of the boats … don’t look safe enough for that water with loads of strong crocodile tails. Stunning images …. my pick must be the only crocodile with waterlilies. I don’t know if I had been brave enough for a cruise like this,

  4. I think it would be hard to say no if a croc wanted to ride along in your boat… so I don’t think I would take a chance.

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