‘Multitudes’ of birds for Thursday’s Special

I often visit the Green Cay Wetlands and Nature Centre, as there, I can see multitudes of birds especially just before sunset when they are coming home to roost. (Click the image for a closer look.)


From a distance, it looks like the trees have a multitude of white blossoms, but on closer inspection, the white ‘flowers’ are revealed to be White Ibis.


Almost every available branch in the marsh is covered in birds.


Looks like Mr. GBH really has his hands full trying to keep this multitude of noisy Ibis in order, and settle them down for the night,


but you can definitely see who’s the boss.


Thanks to Paula for her Thursday Special Challenge. Click the badge below to participate.


93 comments on “‘Multitudes’ of birds for Thursday’s Special

  1. He’ll show them who’s boss! I’m fortunate enough to have a reserve similar to that around the corner from me…about 20mins. Iit’s lots of fun watching the birds….seeing what they get up to.

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  3. You know what’s funny, when I caught first glimpses of your really beautiful photos I thought – bird bouquets, and now I saw that you called them white flowers too. This is a breathtaking site and captures did it justice. Thank you Sylvia πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. Sylvia, I thought it was flowers in that bush. Beautiful birds.
    Looking at your images … it looks like he is the only male in the bunch, so that’s why he are the boss I suppose. *smile – I think the girls let him be the boss.

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