My Sunday Photos: So elegant in white

Yesterday, the Great Egret landed in my backyard. As he stood showing off his handsome profile, he petulantly asked, “Never mind your esteemed Mr. Great Blue…….who is the whitest bird of all?”


After holding the pose just long enough to be sure he would get a well-earned mention on my blog, he stalked off to inspect the neighbours’s untidy bit of foliage.


Disappointed that there were no juicy tidbits to be found, he haughtily stuck his nose in the air and strutted off to try his luck elsewhere.


Sunday morning means Boot Camp. I wonder if our instructor will be feeling cruel or kind this week? Sadly I fear that the odds are on the first option.






76 comments on “My Sunday Photos: So elegant in white

  1. These guys are gracious…And so white that my eyes hurt looking at them in bright sunlight. Did you wear sunglasses taking these gorgeous pictures of him ?

  2. Elegant is exactly the right word, though ‘snake neck’ would also be appropriate hehe. Good luck with Boot Camp! Keeping my fingers crossed for a healthy dose of instructor’s kindness. πŸ˜‰

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