Floating past ‘The Rock’ for the Word A Week Challenge

Looking out across San Francisco Bay, we saw this beautiful sailing ship floating just off Alcatraz Island.


Happy Saturday to you all.

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Floral Friday Fotos: Home Depot Special

Hubby visits Home Depot very regularly, now that the renovations are underway. Occasionally I will go along, but I always seem to end up in the garden section, drooling over the orchids. This week, I found three different orchids in one pot, so into the cart it went, along with all the boring DIY stuff.


I could sit and look at them all day. The blooms are so beautiful, and they last for such a long time. I rarely buy cut flowers these days.


I think the pale pink is my favourite.


Wishing you all a happy weekend and a splendid Spring Day, even if you still have snow.

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Cee’s FFC Abstract: Working at the Car Wash Blues

It was Saturday lunchtime, and a guy was waving a “Car wash only $1” sign as we were about to pass Woody’s, so hubby drove in. The drive through car wash is not one of my all time favourite experiences, so I amused myself by taking a few pics. Make sure all the windows are closed, here comes the tsunami!


I would never dare go through one of these on my own. I read about a 94-year-old guy in Sacramento who accidentally put his foot on the accelerator and drove through at 40 mph, crashing into the equipment and causing $100 000 worth of damage.


How would a small child react to his or her first time through this noisy and dark tunnel? I think it must be truly terrifying.

IMG_7212Do you ever get a fright when that big dryer heads straight for your windscreen? Yikes, what if it doesn’t hold?


A woman in England had her spoiler ripped right off by some of these big black flapping thingamabobs. They really do slap your car around.


The upside was that I did get some nice abstract images for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. Finally we make it to the end of the tunnel. What a relief to see daylight again!


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Will the genuine birds please identify themselves?

Over at the ‘renovator’s nightmare’ house the other day, I saw that the pelicans are once again well established in the tall trees alongside the lake. This one does all his ablutions right there on his special branch.


This pair of Muscovy Ducks are regular visitors to our backyard.


A couple of Ibis, a glossy and a white, were having a companionable stroll along the bank.


“Now what are those two birds across the lake?” On closer inspection, I was surprised to see that they’re actually plastic imitations. Go figure!


Even in the water, there are more fake ducks. How strange is that?


Just in case you’re asking yourself whether the pelican is also an imposter, and are suspecting that someone whitewashed the foliage under his perch, to make him look authentic, here he is, having a bit of a scratch.


Ah, there goes a real bird! I guess he got a bit fed up with talking to those phony pretenders and getting no response.


Wishing you all a great hump day. This was going to be a ‘Wordless Wednesday’ post, but I had too much to say. ­čÖé

Ancient Walls for the WPC

“…there must have been days of light gravity in old times, when people could play tiddlywinks with huge chunks of stone.”┬á ~ Kurt Vonnegut

When one encounters the massive walls built by the ancient Egyptians with none of today’s technology and tools, one can’t help but agree with the sentiment expressed in the above quote.






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Florida Swamp painting almost finished

I tried to finish my painting today. I brought it home, as this was my last art class for the time being. I have to sign it and do the gloss coat when it’s dry, but I’m now wondering if it needs an alligator lurking somewhere in the shadows. What do you think, and if so, where should I put him?


Wishing you all a splendid weekend. Hope you get lots of sunshine coming your way.

A Lakeside Live Performance for Nancy’s challenge

Mr Anhinga suddenly made a long awaited stage appearance a couple of days ago.


I didn’t have a ringside seat, being on the other side of the lake, but this didn’t stop me enjoying his performance.


I think he must have spotted the camera, and he soon warmed to his role, with a lovely song and dance act.


It wasn’t long before his live performance came to the attention of Daisy and Danny duck, who silently filed into the front row.


After a stunning show, Mr Anhinga took a deep bow, before flying off in search of some well earned fishy after theatre snacks.


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Wordless Wednesday: The Bull and the Goddess

This striking statue of a life-size bronze bull seemingly bursting up through the paving bricks of Cathedral Square in Breisach am Rhein, was created in 2000 by local artist, Helmut Lutz. Standing on the bull’s back, is the nude figure of a woman, reaching for a star.


The statue commemorates the early vote in 1950 to form a united Europe, and is based on the story in Greek mythology, in which Zeus in the form of a bull, abducts the Phoenician princess Europa.