Mr. GBH is taking shape, and Mr. A is back

So I trashed my first painting of Mr Great Blue Heron, as he really did look a bit of a duck. I painted over the whole canvas in  black, and will endeavour to paint the Pelican in the fir tree. I first have to find out how to paint those delicate fronds though. I’m sure there must be a fairly simple trick with a special brush, so if you happen to know what it is, please tell me.


I had another go at drawing and painting Mr. GBH on the small and really quite rough canvas which came in my box of oil paints. Now I know why my other canvases were quite expensive.  Anyway, once I’d started, I thought I may as well carry on as it would be good practice. I still have to work a bit more on his feathers and I think I must tone down the orange of his beak. I sent this pic on WhatsApp to our son, who was in the car with the three young grandchildren. He immediately called me so that I could hear the clamouring of little voices down the phone, “Granny please can you teach us to paint just like you?” Gotta love ’em!!


As I was sitting here, typing this, I saw a Snowy Egret burst up out of the water across the lake like a ‘Bat out of Hell’, and looking more closely, I saw why the sudden departure.


The people in the house just above where he’s lurking, have no idea that it’s not fairies that they have a the bottom of their garden.


Hope you’re having a great Easter Saturday. I must now get down to writing my article for the club magazine. Why did I leave it until the last minute? 😕


78 comments on “Mr. GBH is taking shape, and Mr. A is back

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  2. letue foto sulla natura sono sempre eccezionali, anche se i coccodrilli mi incutono sempre paura
    buonanotte cara amica
    un grosso baio, mi spiace di non avere fatto in tempo a fartigli auguri per una buona pasqua, spero che tu l’abbia trascorsa serenamente con la tua meravigliosa famiglia

  3. No wonder that Snowy Egret got out so fast, yikes o_O How cute of your granchildren, and I can understand why…I want you to teach me too, please Sylvia, I love your painting and look at all you are learning along the way! Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend 🙂 xx

  4. Creepy living so close to those guys! An impromptu paddle never seems like a good idea somehow 😦
    Love your sunshine heron, Ad. I’m joining the fan club with the grandkids. Fronds? Sorry- can’t help. Our friend Zee maybe, or Mary? 🙂

  5. I like your painting – understand your grandchildren! But, I believe your new one will be more demanding. No idea how to paint those fronds – the tips of toothbrush might be worth a try…And I really don’t like your new “friend” stirring silent waters…

  6. It’s so cute that the little ones want to learn how to paint too! they truly are adorable. I especially love your painting today! Even Mr. A’s coming for it 🙂

  7. Those houses where the alligator lurks look just like my mom’s (in Florida). Luckily she didn’t have a Mr A there (that we know of). I’m not so sure I’d like him for a neighbor. I know for sure I wouldn’t be letting Sissy out for a romp.

  8. I can’t decide whether I’d rather have a Mr A in my backyard or a mosquito in the bedroom 😉

    No painting advice from me, but I see the proportions are right!

  9. Nice painting, I think I like the current colors you have on that painting.

    For Mr. A that size and visits so often, I hope he does not come up on the lawn one of these days.

    • Thanks so much, YC. You may join my fan club, along with my grandchildren. 🙂 Yes, I also hope he stays in the water, but if he does venture out, rather let it be on the other side of the water. 🙂

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