WPC: Elton was just a Blur

A couple of weeks ago, Elton Lee, a really excellent Elton John impersonator, came to do a show at our country club. He is so convincing, as he not only looks like Elton, but also walks, talks, sings and plays piano just like the real one. There was just one problem for me. We had awful seats, and although only two rows from the front, we were on the wrong side of the stage, so I couldn’t see him playing the piano, which for me was very important. On top of that, I had a tall guy with a rather big head sitting right in front of me.


The bass guitarist, the guy in the pork pie hat, stood in my line of sight for quite a lot of the performance, until someone in the front row complained that they couldn’t see through him. He looked a bit put out, but moved back a bit. Don’t you love Elton’s blurry feathered outfit, and those shoes!?


The huge rose-tinted glasses he was wearing, once belonged to the real Elton, as did this Teddy Bear mascot.


The excellent drummer was a bit of a blur too, but his mascots were all smiles.



The piano was just a tad garish for my liking. I think I’ll stick to my unadorned one.


As Elton left the stage, I thought I could maybe get a good shot of him on his own, but it was not to be. He didn’t even pause, and was gone in a blur of feathers and platform soles.


No flash photography was allowed, and when I looked at my iPhone pics afterwards, I almost trashed the lot, but didn’t. I must have known that WP was going to come up with the ‘Blur’ challenge. πŸ™‚


70 comments on “WPC: Elton was just a Blur

  1. Good job you didn’t trash these Sylvia, they are perfect for the challenge! I always get rid of mine and so I’m wracking my brains about which ones to use πŸ˜‰ So annoying when someone sits in front of you who you can’t see around…

  2. Gracious, it looks like the back of Prince Charles blocking your view. Excellent use of the theme, I’m thinking I might have a million blurry photos to share. Who knew my special photography skills would come in handy on a photo prompt? πŸ˜€πŸ“·

  3. Being short I can relate on what you just experience, that is why i always take the front raw seats. I think you did have a premonition that the next WP photo challenge was …blur… perfect representation.

  4. Wow! The costume is blurry in itself with all the feathers and colors πŸ™‚ But sad you couldn’t see the piano playing. Big heads and good view from behind don’t match.

  5. fun take on blur – love the shot of the man’s head in the way – because we have that happen all the time – or we heard about it happening to folks – but to actually see it is very cool…
    and loved seeing “animal”

  6. As a piano player myself Sylvia, I know how nice it is to see other people play, keeping an eye on their hands while listening can be very enlightening. I tried to play some of Elton’s music once.. found it very difficult. :-/

  7. Oh – I think I want a feather outfit like that. I would so wear it. LOL
    Sucks to have a tall person sitting in front of you – especially when all the seating is leveled (not stadium style).
    But – sounds like you still had a great night of entertainment!

  8. We went to see the real Elton at Sun City. He was in a snit. Kept the audience waiting in bucketing rain for over an hour, then kept his back to said audience, never once acknowledging us. I have never forgiven him! Sure your Elton was much more fun! πŸ™‚

  9. What a shame that your seats were in a tough spot. At least he sounded good! We went to a wedding once and ended up sitting behind a column in the church…that was also a good (not) seat.

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