Afloat in Belize

The WPC this week is “Afloat,” so I decided to share my rather scary trip in an open boat just off the coast of San Pedro, Belize. Hubby is a keen scuba diver, and this is the only time I’ve accompanied him in the dive boat. The night before, he showed me the boat we’d be going out in, just to reassure me. It looked quite comfortable, and I agreed to go, thinking that I could sit under cover and read my Kindle whilst he was doing his thing under water.


When we arrived the following morning, it turned out that as the weather was so nice, we were actually going in this much smaller open boat, which was a bit out of my comfort zone.


As we zipped through the waves at great speed, the skies began to darken and it looked like a storm was brewing, but there was no going back now. By the time hubby and the other two divers left the boat, the rain was teeming down, and I could hear ominous sounds of  thunder.


The divers disappeared under the water, so then it was just the captain and I. As the rainfall got heavier, and the boat heaved and tossed in the waves, I got a really good soaking. I knew there was going to be no reading done that morning, so I stashed my bag in one of the lockers, and prepared for the long wait. I have to admit that I was rather apprehensive and not a little worried, as I’ve never been out at sea in such a small craft, and now as I look at the photos, I’m wondering why, as a non-swimmer I wasn’t wearing a life jacket. It obviously never occurred to anyone that it might be necessary.  Much to my relief, the storm passed, the rain stopped and the sun came out, just as hubby and his dive buddies reappeared.


I got my photo taken with ‘Jack Sparrow’ (you can see how drenched I was), and off we sped back to the shore. My hat blew off  on the way, and was afloat on the ocean waves, but the gallant captain insisted on chasing and retrieving it. It was quite an adventure, but one which I’m not sure I would want to repeat.


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Cape Town Panorama for Thursday’s Special

Paula’s Thursday’s Special this week is ‘Panorama’. Here are panoramic pics taken from the top of Table Mountain, looking down over the city of Cape Town and Table Bay. My header pic also shows Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for eighteen  years during the South African Apartheid era.


Table Mountain, is one of the ‘Seven Wonders of Nature’, and if you are fortunate enough to visit Cape Town, you will definitely understand why.


I did a post about Table Mountain about a year ago, so if you would like to see more of my photos and read some of the history, you can click here.

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A turtle, a duck and my poor frilly tulips

Do you remember tiny Terence turtle who came to our front door a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, I looked out of the window and, either he’s grown a lot in two weeks, or this is his dad or even his granddad.


Danny Duck came wandering past all on his own. I do hope he hasn’t had a fall out with Daisy. They did seem to be getting along famously, only a month ago.


My beautiful Easter tulips have gone all pale and frilly. I didn’t have the heart to throw them out once they were past their best, but I think it’s now time.


Happy weekend to you all.

Bench Series#14: Benches with a view

For the month of April, Jude is looking for benches with a view.

I feel very nostalgic when I look at these photos of benches along our promenade in Umhlanga Rocks, Hubby and I have walked past them so many times, and although it’s less than a year since we left, it sometimes feels like another lifetime ago.


Although the benches look identical, you can see that that they aren’t in the same place, as there are no railings in the second pic. The aloes on the right, will just be coming into flower now, but it won’t be very long before the birds find them and peck them to pieces, to get at the nectar.


This is me, on our favourite bench right at the end of the path, sitting drinking in the view before starting on our way back home for tea.


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Gothic Splendour for B&W Sunday

Paula’s ‘B&W Sunday’ challenge for this week, is ‘Religious Building’. The magnificent pink sandstone, Gothic style facade of the ‘Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg’, also looks really splendid in B&W.


It’s one of the most memorable religious buildings I’ve ever seen, and if you would like to see it in glorious colour, together with my photos of the inside of the cathedral, you can click this link.

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WPC: Elton was just a Blur

A couple of weeks ago, Elton Lee, a really excellent Elton John impersonator, came to do a show at our country club. He is so convincing, as he not only looks like Elton, but also walks, talks, sings and plays piano just like the real one. There was just one problem for me. We had awful seats, and although only two rows from the front, we were on the wrong side of the stage, so I couldn’t see him playing the piano, which for me was very important. On top of that, I had a tall guy with a rather big head sitting right in front of me.


The bass guitarist, the guy in the pork pie hat, stood in my line of sight for quite a lot of the performance, until someone in the front row complained that they couldn’t see through him. He looked a bit put out, but moved back a bit. Don’t you love Elton’s blurry feathered outfit, and those shoes!?


The huge rose-tinted glasses he was wearing, once belonged to the real Elton, as did this Teddy Bear mascot.


The excellent drummer was a bit of a blur too, but his mascots were all smiles.



The piano was just a tad garish for my liking. I think I’ll stick to my unadorned one.


As Elton left the stage, I thought I could maybe get a good shot of him on his own, but it was not to be. He didn’t even pause, and was gone in a blur of feathers and platform soles.


No flash photography was allowed, and when I looked at my iPhone pics afterwards, I almost trashed the lot, but didn’t. I must have known that WP was going to come up with the ‘Blur’ challenge. 🙂

Mr. GBH is taking shape, and Mr. A is back

So I trashed my first painting of Mr Great Blue Heron, as he really did look a bit of a duck. I painted over the whole canvas in  black, and will endeavour to paint the Pelican in the fir tree. I first have to find out how to paint those delicate fronds though. I’m sure there must be a fairly simple trick with a special brush, so if you happen to know what it is, please tell me.


I had another go at drawing and painting Mr. GBH on the small and really quite rough canvas which came in my box of oil paints. Now I know why my other canvases were quite expensive.  Anyway, once I’d started, I thought I may as well carry on as it would be good practice. I still have to work a bit more on his feathers and I think I must tone down the orange of his beak. I sent this pic on WhatsApp to our son, who was in the car with the three young grandchildren. He immediately called me so that I could hear the clamouring of little voices down the phone, “Granny please can you teach us to paint just like you?” Gotta love ’em!!


As I was sitting here, typing this, I saw a Snowy Egret burst up out of the water across the lake like a ‘Bat out of Hell’, and looking more closely, I saw why the sudden departure.


The people in the house just above where he’s lurking, have no idea that it’s not fairies that they have a the bottom of their garden.


Hope you’re having a great Easter Saturday. I must now get down to writing my article for the club magazine. Why did I leave it until the last minute? 😕