Intricacies of the Vatican for the WPC

When I saw this week’s photo challenge, I immediately thought of the wonderful architecture and artwork within Vatican City.

The most recognisable landmark is the magnificent Dome ofย  St. Peter’s Basilica, the tallest dome in the world, being 136.57 metres (448.1 ft) high


The inside of the dome is even more exquisite, and was painted by non other than the great Michelangelo.


Inside the museum, the intricate artwork is astounding.


Here’s part of the 120 ft long Gallery of Maps, which is made up of forty intricately painted panels, and a really spectacular vaulted ceiling. As you can see, it was rather crowded in there


St. Peter’s Square has a great view of the intricate sculptures which decorate the outside of the Vatican. (If you click, you’ll get a clearer view)


Inside are some really breathtakingly intricate marble sculptures.It really boggles my mind to imagine all the work and man hours which must have gone into creating every piece of artwork which I saw there.


This intricately decorated staircase at the main altar, leads down to St. Peter’s Crypt, where the bones of this saint are said to be interred.


My photos are just a small taste of what you can see in this vast and amazing place.You really need to visit and see it for yourself.

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61 comments on “Intricacies of the Vatican for the WPC

  1. the artwork in the dome is absolutely stunning. As you I can imagine all the hours that must have gone into the work. I believe I read somewhere that it is believed that the great artists like Michelangelo usually had help from their apprentices. I don’t know if it true though. Anyways, the vaulted ceiling is beautiful!

  2. Beautifully intricate, a place I’ve never visited and hope to one of these days. Thank for sharing these beautiful photos Sylvia xx

  3. You did a great job capturing this treasure Sylvia. I find it funny that we both chose a Dome and Italy for the same challenge ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I bet that was some visit with you laying on the floor taking pix and the guards wondering what to do about you! Whatever it takes for your art, huh? Looks like a place you could photograph for a year and still not get all the detail…..thanks for posting!

  5. Just glorious, all of it — a taste of heaven on earth. The architecture and works of art in churches, Basilicas, and Cathedrals at that point in history were very much designed to reflect the glory of God, as was all the ritual and pageantry, some of it carried on into the present day.

  6. I agree Sylvia that a visit to the Vatican is astounding. I was not prepared for the immensity and the details. Your photos have captured it beautifully.

  7. I found the place so intricate that I had to lay down on the floor to take snaps of the ceiling… much to the irritation of the guards!! The place was so full I never saw the signs about lying down and only afterward did my good lady tell me I was not being too respectful in church! We Protestants don’t know all the rules!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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