Silent Sunday: Walk like an Egyptian……goose




79 comments on “Silent Sunday: Walk like an Egyptian……goose

  1. Haha, love it πŸ˜€ And I’ll be singing that song all night long now, thanks Sylvia (but that’s okay, as I do like it) πŸ˜‰ xx

  2. I’ll be silent (if laughter qualifies as being silent?) πŸ˜† Terrific, Sylvia. I know how fun it is to shoot animals πŸ™‚

      • today I had a flight with my grandson in a big goose in a carousel – felt like Nils Holgerson – do you know this fairy tale? P.S.: what a long way from Egypt to your country, I hope you’ve been friendly to your guests or did you consider to eat them?

      • That sounds wonderful! No I’m not familiar with Nils Holgersson’s goose story at all. Of course I would never eat my guests. That would be very bad manners indeed. πŸ˜€

  3. Interesting looking bird! Haven’t seen one here yet. They seem to walk right at you, in the same way feral Muscovy Ducks do in the hopes of getting food πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have not seen gooses look like these. The ones that I have seen around hear have black head mostly. They are not quite interesting color but the ones here are more colorful.

  5. Good perspective, good eye. Looks like one goose is on top of the other and being carried around. I’m sure they do that to each other when we’re not looking πŸ˜‰

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