We’ve been approved!

Early this morning, saw us once again at the USCIS for our final ‘Green Card’ interview. The woman who ushered us into her office was austere, with no welcoming smile on her face. She immediately asked us,”Where is your sponsor?” Hubby replied, “Our son is in New Jersey.” “That’s no good,” she barked, “he needs to be here with you to prove that he’s still alive.” My heart sank down into my shoes. This interview was obviously  not going to be a doddle. I kept trying to think positive, purple thoughts, and slowly but surely, the tigress morphed into a pussycat. We had all the necessary documents and were able to truthfully answer “No” to all the questions concerning misdemeanours such as gun running, prostitution and drug trafficking. It was quite an interrogation, but by the end, she was smiling and pleasant, and informed us that she would waive the fact that our son wasn’t present, and grant us our permanent residence status. I then mentioned about wanting to get back to South Africa for my mom’s 90th birthday on the 26th May, and she promised to expedite things so that we should get our ‘Green Cards’ as soon as possible. I was so happy, that I kissed her, and she waved goodbye to us with a big smile on her face. When we got home, hubby checked on line, and it was already being processed. We’re holding thumbs that they arrive within a week, so that we can book our tickets. Thanks so much for all your good wishes and positive comments. I’m sure they really helped.

I have to admit that I was  feeling quite scared at the start of the interview, but then I thought about how brave those Egyptian Geese were, who came to visit me. After almost walking past me into the house, one of them looked across the lake and spied Mr. A asleep on the grass.


He called to his mate, “Hey! Lets go and wake him up.” So, with no fear, they flew across and played chicken, marching around, honking their heads off  right in his ear. He wasn’t  impressed, but decided it was best to just ignore them, and eventually they tired of their little game, and wandered off.


He seems to be quite a fixture here, and today hubby saw another, much younger one swimming around.


The garden service guys were quite taken with the big guy, and went up quite close to take photos. Mr. A didn’t move a muscle. He’s obviously all for the quiet life, just like me. 🙂

Now I have to get ready for the Cinco de Mayo party at the club this evening. I’m looking forward to celebrating with our American friends. I’ll try to catch up with you all tomorrow.

146 comments on “We’ve been approved!

  1. So happy your purple thoughts helped melting the ice around the woman’s heart, Sylvia. And I hope the Green Cards will arrive in time for your visit.
    Your photos of the geese are beautiful, they’re a sight to see.
    *warmest hugs from the Netherlands*

  2. A tip of the hat to you and your hubby, now its just a small step to citizenship. My dad went through the same process in 1951 when he and my grandparents immigrated here from Canada.. 🙂

  3. nice intro featuring the tigress state of mind: ”Where is your sponsor?” Hubby replied, “Our son is in New Jersey.” “That’s no good,” she barked, “he needs to be here with you to prove that he’s still alive.”

  4. I read it now. Sorry for asking Sylvia. I hope you’ll get to see your Mum in time for her birthday. If you hadn’t told us the story about the interview I would have never believed how tormenting it is.

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