Another hurdle to overcome

After all the excitement and celebration of our Green Card approval yesterday, I just had a call from the officer who did our interview. She said she was just checking through my file again, and saw that my fingerprints hadn’t scanned properly, so we now have to go to the local sheriff’s office to get a police clearance, and then take it to her before three-o-clock this afternoon. So, that’s the rest of my day gone down the drain, and I still have to write my article for the club magazine before tonight. So, please keep your fingers crossed again for me. It feels as though a shadow has been cast across my sunny outlook.


98 comments on “Another hurdle to overcome

    • Incompetence is the answer, Tandy. When we took my police clearance certificate into the immigration dept, the woman I needed to see was on lunch. I wanted to wait, just to make sure she got it, but the woman on the other side of the glass just grabbed it off me and said she’d pass it on. We were a couple of miles away when I got a phone call telling us to come back, as I needed to raise my right hand, swear I was telling the truth……again, and sign a form. 😯

  1. Dear Sylvia, I do hope that everything works out for you today. Just this last hurdle and then you’ll be home free. I won’t be around here now until next week (going to Jersey with my Mum for a few days!) so I really hope that I return to read your good news that everything is at last sorted out. I’ll keep singing Sunny Afternoon and thinking of you… 😀 Hugs xx

  2. Don’t worry about that, Sylvia. That’s very common. Each time I’ve been fingerprinted for work, they can’t get good prints, even using the computer. You’ll be fine.xo

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