Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Surrounded by liquid.

I took this photo from my backyard a couple of days ago. Mr. A did seem rather close to the bank, but as long as he remains surrounded by ‘liquid‘ and I’m on dry land, I feel quite safe. I’m going to miss him while we’re away.


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60 comments on “Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Surrounded by liquid.

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  3. Have a wonderful trip, Sylvia, in case I don’t “see” you before your trip! I wish I could come along in your suitcase, although I know it (they) will be full πŸ™‚

  4. When you know that they can swim at some 30kph to get to the bank and then run at nearly 20kph, shouldn’t you be nervous? Even if the record shows they hardly ever bother.

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