63 comments on “My Sunday Photo: Fun at the beach

  1. cool composition S – there is almost a straight line from the person sunning to the ship at sea – and what a nice sunny feel πŸ™‚

  2. It`s a long t5ime since i have seen that beach, it seems to have had an uplift.We used to live in Pinetown and go up the north coast every weekend. the beaches in Plett are very boring compared with the north coast of Durban. Even Hermanus had interesting beaches with their little rock pools.

  3. Can I have some of your sun, Sylvia? The UK is heading for the beginning of summer in three weeks, and yet today, when I walked the dog, I had to wear winter clothes because of the biting cold wind and grey skies D: It’s even worse up north in Scotland where it has snowed in places.

  4. I love how there’s so much going on (even with a boat in the background) while that one person is relaxing through it all. This reminds me of searching for hermit crabs. There’s always so much to do (or not do) at the beach!

  5. Relaxing is something I’m not good at and have no interest in… I would definitely be one of those people exploring on the rocks. I like the three layers.

  6. It’s so beautiful there, Sylvia! I hope you’ll soon feel much better so you can fully enjoy the beauty of this gorgeous coast!

  7. Wow. Now if that’s almost winter, I can’t wait to see some other seasons there. Lovely shot. Like the many levels and layers to this one……a feast of activity!

  8. I tried to divide this photo into three layers : the sunbathing woman on the sand; the active people on the rocks; and the ships in the background …….three views in one!
    Wonderful results!

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