Weird Faces in Umhlanga’s Rocks

There are huge rocks along the coastline here in Umhlanga Rocks, hence it’s name. As some of you may remember, I ‘suffer’ from a condition called Pareidolia, which means that I see faces in almost everything I look at. These rocks are no exception. Can you see what I see?


Here are some more, which to me look like animals racing towards the beach.  I’m sure the closest one is a dog.

IMG_7700Thanks to you to all of you for your kind “get well” wishes. I’m feeling quite a bit better today. Happy Thursday.

74 comments on “Weird Faces in Umhlanga’s Rocks

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  2. Fun ! I see the dogs with blown out cheeks with the effort of the race Sylvia 😀
    And yes I know what you mean .. I didn’t though know it was a *condition !!

  3. Did you make that condition up? No- I’m sure you didn’t 🙂 I nearly said ‘Glad it’s not terminal’ and then I realised that that’s a very unfunny funny, even by my standards 😦 Hugs, Ad!

  4. We “suffer” from the same condition, yes there are animal faces in both pictures. I see faces on tree trunks as well, and clouds of course. That’s for the beginners 😂 I’m happy to hear your other condition is improving!

  5. I never knew there was a scientific name for that, Sylvia. I see the faces and the dog, too. I usually spot images in clouds, too. Glad you’re feeling better. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I did know there is such condition and the condition is also recognized. I think that is cool like you can see more things than others. I like it. Once you gave the suggestion, then I can see animal heads or animal crouching there.

  7. I’ll hazard a guess that one needs a great imagination to ‘suffer’ from your Pareidolia. How dull it would be not to find those faces or creatures in rocks and trees and clouds.

  8. I can see faces, yes. But more interestingly, I had no idea there was an actual name for this “condition”. I learn something new all the time on your blog!

  9. Ah, so there’s a name for the condition, Sylvia! That’s excellent news, although its not a condition I want to be cured of. I’m obsessed with tree faces and cloud faces. That nearest face in your second picture looks like a surfacing dolphin to me! Glad you’re feeling better 🙂

  10. I love spotting faces… 😉 To me, the first pic looks like two lizard/dragon faces, one facing left and the other right. And I also see the dog in the second pic 😀

  11. I suffer from the same pathology, it seems…
    I started to do it since very young , with the map figures, and went on recognizing faces in …buildings, cars,flowers and everything….
    You’re not alone, my dear!
    Splendid post

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