105 comments on “My Sunday Photo: Just Married

  1. truly a culture rich shot S! and when I dropped by your blog – the first 4 photos were all with “twos” – or pairs – and this is cool because my next post is featuring pairs. but how cool – you had the two boats – then the two folks on the bench – then this couple -and right below is you and the lovely gd dancer πŸ™‚ anyhow, it looked nice as I scrolled…. and this couple has a cool spot for a wedding photo – πŸ™‚

  2. What a great photo opportunity, I couldn’t have passed it up either, great shot! It’s just gorgeous!

  3. Boy, we could play with the symbolism of this photo for hours…….the smoothness of the aged rocks, the roughness of the water, the consistency of the waves, the space between the rocks out of the water and the rocks in the water, all things that we could compare to what a marriage will experience…..yes, this is a great capture!

  4. You’re so good at catching the right moment. This is a wonderful photo. Was there anyone else there catching that image for the newlyweds?

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