‘Meeting at the pier’ for Jude’s Bench Series #24

I’ve been absent from the blogs for a few days, as we’re still away on holiday. Yesterday we arrived at my MiL’s house in England, and over the next week will be having family and friend reunions before returning to Florida on 4th July. My blog friend, author Dianne Gray commented “I was about to call the WordPress police to see if you were okay,” so I thought I’d check in with a contribution for Jude’s Bench series, which this month calls for edited photos of benches.

In Umhlanga Rocks we have a splendid pier which boasts many benches where one can sit and watch the waves and ships, or gaze across at the lighthouse. My attention was caught by the little gathering next to the steps. There’s a security guard, and a very colourful beach vendor wearing an assortment of sunhats and carrying buckets, spades and fishing nets, chatting with a couple of their friends.


I cropped the photo to focus on the group, and saturated the colours to make the scene look more jolly.

Here’s the original, complete with wonky horizon line. πŸ˜•


93 comments on “‘Meeting at the pier’ for Jude’s Bench Series #24

  1. Well done with the photo – looks more interesting and full of character. I have also been absent – but for a couple of months due to heavy working times. So now i’m back again too. No police looking out for me at least! Glad to be back, just like you!

  2. I love that line ” Call the WordPress police”. good to know you have folks watching out for you Sylvia. I am a big fan of saturation. My favorite little editing tool. Yes it does indeed make things look jollier!

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  4. Have a lovely time Sylvia ! You’ll have your work cut out keeping up with your dear MIL .. will there be dancing πŸ˜€
    I hear news of a heat wave and sunshine … did you organise that πŸ™‚

  5. A nice “sighting”, Sylvia πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful time in the UK! Enjoy the cooler weather, it’s quite hot here in FL right now…

  6. I like both actually but in different way. The cropped to focus to the main subject and strong saturation (appears to have stronger contrast too) meets the objective – more punchy and put the object at the main point. While the broader view picture has less saturate color but it gives more relaxing feel, realistic and the focus shifted to path to the wide ocean and the sky view and the group of people becomes an augment to make the picture lively. Both are great!

  7. We all need a break sometimes. Don’t know how you keep up with posting as much as you do. For me, it seems as though life gets in the way on occasion.

  8. I am going to have to learn how you changed colors as you did. Fantastic work!!! This image I just fell in, drooling to be there!! LOL Great post and I thank you! Love, Amy ❀

  9. What an interesting pier with those enormous ribs! I like what you did with the cropping and coloring.

    Have a great time with MIL. We’ll leave the light on for ya!

  10. My goodness what a difference! Looks so much livelier in the edited version and I am so glad you straightened that horizon, a wonky horizon is one of my pet hates πŸ˜‰ Nice of you to drop in again Sylvia. Have a lovely time in England – just in time for strawberries and cream and hopefully you have brought some of that lovely Durban sunshine with you πŸ™‚

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