My Sunday Photo: Mr. A still on patrol

We arrived home late last night, jet-lagged and travel-weary, but after a good night’s sleep in my own comfortable bed, I’m feeling quite rejuvenated. This morning, I was delighted to see that Mr. A had not deserted his post. He was faithfully patrolling the ‘moat’ in my backyard, just as I’d asked him to do when we left here six weeks ago.




68 comments on “My Sunday Photo: Mr. A still on patrol

  1. Lovely feeling of being back and Mr. A as faithful as ever:). Hope you had splendid time down south…x

  2. Haha..good to see Mr A doing what you asked of him 😀 I hadn’t realised you had been away for six weeks, how wonderful to spend such precious family time. Welcome home Sylvia, so looking forward to reading more of your many adventures 🙂 xx

    • Yes indeed. No we didn’t celebrate on board, because we flew Virgin, and they’re very British. Our internal flight was on Delta, and unfortunately there was no champagne. We did get to see lots of fireworks though, as we flew over Florida. 🙂

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