Bench Series #27: Antique benches at ‘The Barn’

Just along the road form MiL’s house, is the historic Alfold Barn restaurant and pub, built in 1590. The gorgeous dark wooden beams are said to date back to the Spanish Armada, and just inside the doorway I spotted this ornate bench which the owner of the restaurant told me is of 16th century Dutch origin.

IMG_7994Since Jude started her monthly Bench Series challenge, I’m constantly on the lookout for interesting benches, so I was delighted to find yet another hand-carved bench right next to our table in the bar. This one is German 18th century, and has a fixed drinks table in the middle.


Sitting on the other side of the table enjoying their glasses of Merlot, were hubby and his mom, who certainly doesn’t look as though she is going to be 102 on the 4th of next month.


Cheers to you, Kathleen!

82 comments on “Bench Series #27: Antique benches at ‘The Barn’

  1. Sitting in that bench will keep you back straight. Cheers to your MIL … but I can only toast with orange juice at this hour – but will toast again with some red delight later.

  2. Love the antique bench, sounds like a gorgeous olde worldy English pub, always on the look out for those! But my favourite is of your hubby and your amazing, beautiful MiL. Wow, she looks younger and younger every time I see photos of her and now I know for sure that the key to longevity and blooming health is a glass of red wine πŸ˜€ So good to be back here again my friend πŸ™‚ xx

  3. Wonderful workmanship! And I’m thinking of all the people who’ve used these benches, what they could tell πŸ™‚ Your MIL looks amazing!

    • Thanks, Mary. Yes, I wonder how many people sat on these benches over the centuries. Apparently Ernest Hemingway and his friends used to frequent The Barn when it was a tea room in the 1940’s.

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