Mr. GBH is back again.

Since our return on Saturday, I’ve been anxiously watching out for Mr. GBH to put in an appearance. I even asked Helen of ‘Tiny Lessons’ blog, if she could inquire of her Great Blue Heron whether he knew where his Boynton Beach cousin had disappeared off to. A few minutes ago, I heaved a huge sigh of relief as he flew down onto the grass on the other side of the pond. He offered no explanation for his absence, but all is forgiven anyway. I’m just so happy that Mr. A hadn’t gobbled him up whilst we were away.


65 comments on “Mr. GBH is back again.

  1. He is such a cutie! Great shot of him Sylvia and I am glad as well that Mr. A didn’t get to him. 😀 ♥

  2. Um…if Mr A nibbled on Mr GBH – you’d get a new handbag, maybe some shoes and a leather belt, right? oh, let’s forget about the back scratchers?

  3. Lovely shot. He doesn’t look overly overjoyed to see you, though. Maybe it was just the angle of the shot, or maybe he really thought you brought something for it but you didn’t 😀 Glad he didn’t get downed by Mr A.

  4. Excellent shot…even with the shaking hands! I think he was waiting for you to get restocked on food before he showed back up!

  5. Hehe. He was fast. I told our guy this morning that his cousin is being missed by a wonderful woman at Boynton Beach 🙂 Happy he’s back home again and in beautiful shape. He must have missed you too.

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