Wordless Wednesday: Who remembers pulling the chain?

Visiting the ‘loo’ in a Johannesburg restaurant, I was surprised to see this old-fashioned high-tank. It took me right back to my childhood when we had an outside toilet. I remember my mom often asking as we came back into the kitchen,”Did you remember to pull the chain?”





114 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Who remembers pulling the chain?

  1. Oh goodness! And I thought I am the only one with memories of pull-chain toilets! This one you captured is so cute! I have never toilets/flushes that are decorated like that. All those in my memories are plain white.

  2. Oh yes! I remember it well;) We’ve got one of those out the back and I’m thinking of restoring it (it doesn’t have a pig on it like this one, but I’d like to add that as well) πŸ˜€

  3. Hello Sylvia, how’s things? πŸ™‚
    I too remember having a loo like that when I was a child. It terrified me going outside to it! Lol
    Sending many hugs your way, Paula xxx

  4. All the time when I was a kid, I used toilets like these in Malaysia. Sometimes you had to wait five minutes for the tank to fill up before the next flush πŸ˜€

  5. Only ever seen one of these in a pub in London, but certainly not with a sow on it……most interesting! Intriguing to read they’re making something of a comeback. I guess it’s true what they say….if you wait long enough everything comes back in style!

  6. The only time I saw one here was about 30 years ago when I made a sales call to a client who’s office was in a very old Victorian home that had been converted into office space. But, I’ll be in Johannesburg and Cape Town in Sept so perhaps I’ll be reacquainted with the pull chain. πŸ™‚

  7. This doesn’t have a proper chain!
    My Grandmother’s loo in her house in Royston had a proper chain, with a metal handle rather than wooden, and it was sometimes a devil to flush.

  8. As has already been mentioned these high cisterns are making a come back, especially in period properties. I don’t recall us ever having one, but I had friends who did (and had outside loos with sheets of newspaper on a metal hook), but I have never seen such an elaborate one with a picture of a sow on it – is there a reason for that do you know?

  9. I like high level cisterns. We put one in specifically in our last (30s) house and we’re planning on one for Gibflat. I certainly grew up with one, although it was inside, not outside. I think they are, well, more elegant πŸ˜€ and the practical half of our relationship wants to point out the flush is better. I’ve just never really liked the look of the short ie close-coupled ones.

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